: Magebound (Volume 1) (): Katica Locke: Books. Magebound and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Magebound by Katica Locke. Lark, an abused slave, and Lord Sactaren, a powerful mage, discover magic, adventure and steamy, smoldering romance in this. Magebound by Katica Locke: Chapter One. By: Katica Locke. Teaser — Lark is a slave, now the property of the enigmatic Traxen Mage.

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Magebound, definitely a go. Follow them on Twitter: But, drawn into the mage’s world of lust, magic and darkness, Lark discovers first-hand how seductive power can be. The character dynamics and interesting. Magical creatures unicorns, vampire stallion, shapeshifter, talking animals, salamander, etcpotions nothing fancy like Snape’sanother planets, and the colorful semen of mages. Schaff is also amusing. My stomach is tight and trembling; I don’t magebounf what he will do with me if I fail his test — I don’t want to find out, either.

Magebound Series

A master has every right to do with his property as he pleases, from painting his shutters red to setting his slaves on fire. I should have made a break for it back when the hills were gentle and covered in grass. I really enjoyed this one. It seemed that the richer and more powerful they were, the more cruel and perverse they felt they could be.

The castle of the Traxen Mage. Lark saves a wounded Khas from a predatory bird and decides to keep him. As I step down from the platform, I glance over at the other slaves. He is wearing a simple, thin white shirt, the laces undone down to his navel, and his skin glistens in the firelight, damp with sweat.


Dolittle, for instance, and just can’t see our mage saying “huh? Book description A slave since the age of eight, Lark has been brutalized and victimized for almost as long as he can remember. I am usually not so fond of magical stories, but this book was a very happy surprise. Erion was probably asking too much. Spellwrought by Katica Locke Series: And he was thoroughly brainwashed too by his previous rapist masters. The story is told from his POV.

Karen rated it it was ok Jun 17, I don’t always follow it, and sometimes I usually revise the outline as I write, but I like to have one before I start writing.

The second was that the characters have such intense mood swings that confuse me. Radohova lock it it was amazing Dec 05, Stefanie Waring Latest book: Jun 25, Wendy Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: Can Myrran redeem his people and bring an end to a year-long winter?

Writing skill isn’t exceptionally good.

Now he’s a slave through and through, didn’t even know anymore how to be a free man, to think like a free man. Where karica I find the other books in the Once a Slave series? I don’t think I have to worry about it, this time. Traxen is a long way from Greater Kormunae.

Has wanted to be an author since she was ten years old; has three tattoos – one of a tribal turtle, one of a tribal hammerhead shark, and one of a tribal swallow; is blind in one eye; loves seafood. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The girl kicked one of the slavers as she left, so I think she’ll be okay. I loved how the author made Naeven such a mystery. Come on, I’ll show you around the shop. I start to sigh in relief, but wince as my side gives another twinge.


Magebound by Katica Locke: Chapter One, a fantasy fiction | FictionPress

Again, the book fails at that. He picks up a little bottle and an old silver spoon. Hwm rated it it was amazing Apr 21, It just seemed a bit awkward and forced into the novel and for no good reason. Most of the time, you can tell an off-worlder by his shoes. If you see more than two, you may go. As Lark delves deeper into his master’s past, he can’t deny that Sactaren has committed his share of atrocities, but a man’s past does not dictate his future, does it?

Magebreak reviews Teaser magebounf The simplest words are often the most difficult to say.