Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) [Steve Kenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. derived from the white wolf book of. Hello. I have only the (revised) core rule book, and here I do not understand the paradigm of Orde of Hermes and Verbena (Despite description. Mages of Verbena are blood-shamans, healers and primordial witches and warlocks. They are masters of the sphere of Life. The Verbenae believe Life is.

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So, the names below are not fixed in any way. Their passionate understanding of all life fuels an equally primeval magic. Claire Magic is alive. Willworkers that are more closely connected to it for some kage tend to be closer to Nature. How revolting that they continue to force such ideas on us, calling us heathens. The centuries of persecution known as the Burning Times have put quite a chip on many Verbena shoulders as well, which naturally only makes things worse.

It’s also kind of self contradictory because they mention worshipping verbean gods from various pantheons. This is in part represented by the countless deities they worship. Bloody sacrifices and disturbing rites are not for the squeamish, and prospective Verbena must have strong vwrbena to fit in with the Tradition.

How bout a family of redneck murderers who feed their tree Node with blood of sacrifices? The original Tradition Books were some of the best looking paperbacks that White Wolf was putting out at the time.

Originally posted by Ramnesis View Post. A Verbena may acquire and use the Etiquette ability, but he must expend two Etiquette traits instead of one to cover for a social gaffe or faux pas. Why do they need to put their faith in machines? Verben they recognized that death is as natural as life, the Verbena insisted vergena those who followed them take life only when necessary. Verbena gain one free retest per session on any challenge of Animal Ken, Medicine or Survival.

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However, Willworkers choose to value the seeming differences Nature has created. They definitely have examples out there of Verbena who are not happy-granola-love-crystal-hippy-mystic types. Should they continue practicing the old ways as best they know and risk stagnating in the eyes of their younger followers, or should they incorporate new beliefs and practices at the risk of alienating their older members and losing sight of their roots?

You will hear them if you go anywhere the Verbena gather to drink mead. Witchcraft is the work of the Wise. When they choose to speak, they often do so with a disarming level of honesty.

Though the Verbena are more likely than some Traditions to accept a vampire in their community if the vampire “behaves” and does something to serve a purpose. These modern Mages want to update the Verbena, thinking that clinging to ancient traditions and outmoded ways of thinking will mean stagnation and eventual death for their Tradition.

This is going to be the biggest stress between a Verbena and a werewolf. The main “thing” about this division in the Verbena is that the Old Ways do not fit in modern civilization, and they are dwindling. Outside of those differences though, they are verbna three sort of looking at the world through the same eyes.

Some storms are bigger than others. Furthermore, they receive a free level of the Survival ability, since their knowledge of natural ways permits them to fend for themselves more easily in the wild.

They had vsrbena go deeper underground or face extinction in the witch-hunters’ bonfires. It is certain that this Mystery lies at the heart of the quest for Ascension. I would do and have done the same. The Verbena are so attuned to living cycles that they neither hesitate nor second-guess themselves in matters of nature. The Euthanatos would prefer to crush that magd in its moment of weakness. And these are ones who were usually writing about others I suggest Dead Magic vdrbena Dead Magic 2 for inspiration of Old Way Verbena if you are after actual Mage sources instead of real world studies of different faiths now labeled under Paganism.


Altars, athame, blood, cauldrons, chalices, chanting, dance, herbs, incense, ordeals, pentacles, runes, sacrifices, sex.

Paradigm Summary: Verbena

Gardeners of the Tree are incredibly averse to any New method, while the Moon Seekers are almost the opposite. They desire to recapture some of the power and wonder that the ancient Verbena wielded.

Magr understand death; we do not seek it or embrace it. Search in titles only.

Verbena – Old WoD Mage

The Crone will sometimes lend her Cloak to shield the Willworker from the prying eyes of a cold world. It bears watching and talking to just like any other part of Nature.

Almost all of their society as I know it, I am not a historian seems to align quite perfectly with the Verbena. I got this a long while back, when I was first getting into World of Darkness stuff. The roof must not leak, the clothes must stay mended, the men need a place to keep their stuff.

Verbena also know that other Traditions prepare other places that have power. What’s more, the existence of weapons of mass destruction disturbs them far more deeply than any other Tradition.

While Verbena will usually pay at least lip service to all gods, some masks of divinity are more difficult for them to accept than others. Members of other Traditions consider the Verbena disturbing and bloodthirsty. Osiris became the ruler of the spirit world after his death by dismemberment. They are most at home with the Dreamspeakers of all the other mage groups, and most hostile towards the Technocracy’s Technomagicks and bully tactics, though Nephandi also rank among their top priorities.

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