Born in in Calcutta, India, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni spent nineteen years in her homeland before immigrating to the United holds a BA from. Live Free and Starve. SF labor; Purpose – to explain the consequences of both child labor and firing the children; Speaker – Chitra Divakaruni. What we think is wrong for other people to endure, is what some people have come accustomed to. Some people have no idea what its like to.

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Throughout the passage the tone is persuasive and compelling, which attempts to convince the reader that we must not pass this bill. Throughout her article, Divakaruni makes an excellent argument by tossing her stance back and forth from the pros to cons of the bill.

The proponents of the bill claim that child labor is bad, the U. Directed at Americans who recently passed a bill banning import of goods made by children, she explains how boycotting these companies may negatively affect the lives and livelihood of children and their families in liv nations.

Some could say that this story would make her biased and culturally predisposed to accept this form of slavery. Newer Post Older Post Home. Finally, she ends with a powerful thought: He cites the example of when he lived in Calcutta as a boy. Previous Article Careers for Canines.

“Live Free and Starve” Chitra Divakaruni

Show 0 new item s. The purpose of the essay is to describe what is happening to children who are working in factories across third world countries when child labor laws were passed in the House.

Divakarun presents himself as an educated man, possibly a senator, who has an advantageous viewpoint because he grew up livve Calcutta. He is well informed and appears to look sstarve the full extent of the bill. Divakaruni uses vivid description of the situations those children have to go through to make use of pathos. Even though the essay was short, cree addressed most of the problems that child labor is causing, why it is happening and how the situation could be handled.


People need to feel safe before they can develop the higher needs. In many countries they live apart from their families and do not go to school. The results of her balancing act have allowed her to slip in this story toward the end.

Divakaruni also chose to divakatuni her essay with a repetition of questions. What is this an example of? Besides that, the author gives starge to the essay by appealing to her ethos. What conclusion are we to reach from this example?

No images or files uploaded yet. In the third paragraph, I added a sentence at the end explaining why the author chose to use pathos in the essay.

Live Free and Starve

Posted by Mitchell Kaufman at 4: Wealthy or famous people are not necessarily self-actualized. However this should not be done through this bill because banning child labor will not solve the problem only force these children to resort to more drastic measures to survive and obtain food. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — Most psychologists studied people with problems, but Maslow studied successful people.

This stage Maslow referred to as people finding their callings. Chitra includes a personal story, putting a face and name to a child who benefitted from work, and is able to use the story to show that, perhaps, allowing child labor is the only way to give these children better lives. Divakarun feels that this bill will only be a catalyst for more violent ways of obtaining money. What does she base her argument on? Either they will live a suppressed life or a life with freedom, but no food.


If these needs are not met, a person feels inferior, weak, helpless and worthless. Once a person has met his needs on a lower level, he can develop higher needs. If a person does not fulfill these needs, she feels inferior, weak, helpless and worthless. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading This passage critiques that bill and urges it to be voted down.

“Live Free And Starve” : Critical Analysis | Wrandom Writer

The working conditions were very favorable and it allowed this child to support his family. He was brought to her family because he was too frail to work in the farm and that his family did not have adequate resources to feed him.

The author also shows another fallacy in the argument through the use of logos. Logically the reader sees this extrapolation, and the argument is thus negated. The target audience, those in support of the bill, were taken from agreement into contrasting views via this swift phrase.

Some of the consumer goods sold in the United States–shoes, clothing, toys, rugs and many things–are made in countries in which labor practices do not meet U. Most psychologists studied people with problems, but Maslow studied successful people. Is her example a good one that supports her thesis?