This Wrox Blox demonstrates various LINQ to SQL techniques to use in upgrading the “Articles” portion of TheBeerHouse application. The first step is migrating. This Wrox Blox introduces you to Language Integrated Query (LINQ), application programming interface (API) and set of extensions to the Visual. NET questions has written for Wrox a short example Migrating to LINQ to SQL in TheBeerHouse and Website Programming.

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A Windows form example uses Astoria’s. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Leverage LINQ in Projects – Wrox

You learn how to use VB 9. Any Wrox Blox you purchase from this site will come with certain restrictions that allow Wiley to protect the copyrights of its products.

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NET, the author uses C throughout this Wrox Blox, so readers should have at least an intermediate level of understanding with C. August 30th, After you purchase and download this title, you: View our list of code downloads.

You can’t gain a feel for the behavior or performance of LINQ queries with “Hello World” projects that process arrays of a few integers or wroox few first and last names. After you purchase and download this title, you:. This book concentrates lnq hands-on development of practical Windows and Web applications that demonstrate C and VB programming techniques to bring you up to speed on LINQ technologies.


Hi Jimi, Enjoy the article! After you purchase and download this title, you: All times are GMT Linnq with VS. Welcome to the p2p. C and VB sample projects demonstrate object, array, and collection initializers, extension methods, anonymous types, predicates, lambda expressions, and simple query expressions. Are entitled to three downloads. Microsoft invested millions of dollars in Anders Hejlsberg and his C design and development groups to add new features to C 3.

Any Wrox Blox you purchase from this site will come with certain restrictions that allow Ljnq to protect the copyrights of its products. This title is out-of-print and not currently available for purchase from this site. If you have any questions about these restrictions, you may contact Customer Care at 8 a. LINQ is Microsoft’s first attempt to define a universal query language for a diverse set of in-memory collections of generic objects, entities persisted in relational database tables, and element and attributes of XML documents or fragments, as well as a wide variety of other data types, such as RSS and Atom syndication feeds.


Leverage LINQ in ASP.NET 3.5 Projects

Page 1 of 6. Please read our Privacy Policy. C and VB Sample projects demonstrate the programming techniques. The code is now available at the usual location at: Password Reminder Password Register. Most code examples emulate real-world data sources, such as the Northwind sample database running on SQL Server or Express Edition, and collections derived from its tables.

This concludes with a demonstration of the use of the ASP. As a guest, you can read any forum posting. I shot Jim an email about getting a link to the source code posted so I will let you know when that happens. May not place the Wrox Blox file on a network or any file sharing service for use by anyone other than yourself or allow anyone other wroox yourself to access it.

This is the forum to discuss the Wrox book ASP. If you have any issues related to Technical Support, please contact us at United States only or International 8 a. You are currently viewing the BOOK: Need to download code?