Crane chart and more information about the Liebherr LR Bigge may have Liebherr LR in its fleet for sale or rent. Contact us by phone, email or. Liebherr Lr RADIUS DIAGRAM FOR S, SL, SDB, SLDB. Dimensions are in meters. The content in this document is mentioned for reference use only. Crane Specification search result for manufacturer: Liebherr and model: LR

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The tonne gross load could only be managed at this distance because the extended guide frame on this crane model makes it possible to extend the radius of the derrick ballast pallet from 25 to 30 metres. The massive steel structure had previously liebher transported to the site in the centre of the city in small segments. This product is not available in the selected range.

Change the range to delete the product separately from your wish list. Massive — The structural steel workers in the picture demonstrate the dimensions of the bridge arch which measures 90 metres in length and weighs in at tonnes and is almost in position in this photograph.

Select at least one other product to start the comparison. This hoist constituted a massive load case for the LR as a result of the required radius of 51 metres.

The new railway bridge will link the city’s Piccadilly and Victoria stations. Its design principle means that the crane components can be transported easily and at low cost and its set-up times are short.

Find out more about Cookies. In February both crawler cranes performed a tandem hoist for a tonne arched bridge over the River Irwell in Manchester.

Your wish list does not contain any products. Change liebherg range to delete the product separately from your wish list. Start comparison Your compare liebnerr is empty. You can only manage a maximum of 7 different compare lists at the same lievherr.


Remove products from the list or reset the list. You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies here. He applauded the Weldex team led by Mark Hollett, who was responsible for the 113350 work. However, before the enormous bridge arch could be hoisted over the river, the crawler cranes had to move it around 30 metres in stages up to the bank. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies with the exception of Google AdWords and DoubleClick.

: Liebherr LR Crane Specifications/Load Charts

The product was successfully added. He also erected the enormous pylons in London for the cable car over the Thames with the Liebherr LR from Weldex. The curvature of the steel arch can be adjusted easily using these hydraulic cable tensioning devices.

He has often worked with the crane specialists from Scotland in the past. The synchronous transport was interrupted several times because the cranes had to be fitted with additional ballast. Liebhedr optimize this website and be able to improve it on an ongoing basis, Liebherr uses cookies.

Heavy Lift News

It delivers outstanding load capacities over its entire operating range. Working as Project Manager at Severfield, Great Britain’s largest structural steel contractor, Jarrod Hulme has a great deal of experience with crane work for large projects.

We use cookies To optimize this website and be able to improve it on an ongoing basis, Liebherr uses cookies.

Weldex sent its most powerful crawler crane to the site for the subsequent installation of the bridge arch using a tandem hoist. With a range of boom systems the LR can be used flexibly with or without a derrick system.

Start comparison Your compare list is empty. Your wish list includes:. Your wish liebhrrr does not contain any products. This configuration of the crane, known as SLDB2, enables it to handle an additional load case of almost 50 tonnes with a radius of around 50 metres. The LR started work at the site in Manchester in July 11305 he was also full of praise for the crane equipment used in Manchester. Search here for the right contact partner. Jarrod Hulme, Project Manager liwbherr this bridge installation in Manchester was both highly satisfied and relieved after the successful tandem hoist.


Their features include economy and performance. Larger ballast radius of the LR enabled it to hoist the bridge This hoist constituted a massive load case for the LR as liebhrer result of the required radius of 51 metres. Liebherr crawler cranes liebhherr innovative technologies with clear practical benefits. LR Crawler crane The LR crawler crane sets new standards in the crane class over tonnes. The assemblers erected the Liebherr LR with a metre main boom and liehherr metre derrick boom over a period of four days for the job.

Bird’s eye view — the derrick ballast on the LR is 30 metres from the turntable in this configuration. The tonne crane was used for six months to set up the lower section of the bridge immediately over the river and to assemble the meter bridge arch. Your wish list includes:.

Refrigeration and freezing Construction machines Mining equipment Mobile and crawler cranes Material handling technology Maritime cranes Aerospace and transportation systems Gear cutting technology and automation systems Components Hotels. An LTR telescopic crawler crane stacked the derrick ballast of the LR up to the maximum of tonnes.

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