IX Hispana (The “Spanish Legion”) – was one of the oldest and most feared units in the Roman army. Raised by Pompey in 65 BC, it fought victorious campaigns. The most common theory is that it was defeated and destroyed while fighting an uprising in England, however the fate of the Ninth remains the subject of. ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? Legio nona Hispana; the Spanish Ninth Legion, is a legion of the Imperial Roman army – existing since the late Roman Republic.

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Accordingly Polyclitus, one of the [imperial] freedmen, was sent to inspect the state of Britain, Legoo cherishing high hopes that, through his influence, not only might a reconciliation be effected between the legate and the procurator, but the rebellious temper of the natives be brought to acquiesce in peace.

Although no record of the Legion’s emblem exists, like all of Caesar’s faithful legions, it was probably a bull.

If the Ninth hispsna transferred to the Rhine, it may also have played a role during Drusus ‘ campaigns on the east bank of the Rhine. However, there were only two legions in the area at the time and neither was destroyed by the Parthians. Legio IX may have used this period to redevelop the fortress at York replacing many of the buildings.

Several inscriptions attesting IX Hispana have been found in the site of the llegio fortress on the lower Rhine river at Noviomagus Batavorum NijmegenNetherlands. It was more often done in lands directly under said leaders, and was used to defend not only against outside threat but also from competing senators or industry rivals. The historian Tacitus describes the fall of Camulodunum: It’s a short, fun read.

But the idea that the Ninth Legion was destroyed in a single great battle with native Britons seems ludicrous to me.


Legio VIIII Hispana

This was their hispaha for Victory, and they regarded her with most exceptional reverence. What his;ana next is unclear. Day to day stuff doesn’t tend to excite much interest in its preservation for the sake of the future, or its rememberance by people coming a short time later.

This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat And even if it was, there are numerous periods of strife – fires, invasions, world wars – that could have erased all evidence before it became more widely known about. Both have been identified as pre-Flavian vexillation fortresses. Around the same year, the legion constructed a fort, Lindum Coloniaat Lincoln.

Evidence suggests that Cartimandua had grown fond of the luxuries of Rome, such as fine glass wares and wines, much to the displeasure of her husband, Venutius. Together, they crushed Venutius near Stanwick. Now, it might be that for reasons of propaganda it wouldn’t be widely broadcast, but there would be evidence about it. Regardless, the Ninth was one of Rome’s venerated legions and its disappearance, which is shrouded in mystery, has captured the imagination of authors and film makers? As the Legion rushed to the aid of colonists, it was ambushed in marching column hisspana suffered a catastrophic loss, according to Tacitus, of around men.

In the Fall, Roman Times hopes to have an event in Virginia!

Then, while their foes were still advancing against them at a walk, the Romans rushed forward at a signal and charged them at full speed, and when the clash came, easily broke through the opposing ranks; but, as they were surrounded by the great numbers of the enemy, they had to be fighting everywhere at once.

This proves that it was still in existence during the reign of Hadrian. On the other hand, the loss of a whole legion is a big deal.


Legio IX Hispana – Wikipedia

Roman cupidity had progressed so far that not their very persons, not age itself, nor maidenhood were left unpolluted. Tacitus particularly singles out Catus Decianus for criticism for his “avarice. To the Continent However, more recent research has shown that a subunit of Legio IX was at Nijmegen in Germania Inferior, for a brief period after Did they trade places? They suffered a rather horrible loss to Boudica at the infamous Battle of Camulodunum, where most of the foot soldiers were killed.

Both these lists date from afteras both include the 3 Parthica legions founded by Septimius Severus in that year. They knew that in the end, what won battles wasn’t the weight of numbers, nor the chaotic onrush of vainglorious painted warriors, but years of weapons training, strict formation, and iron discipline.

Arriving at Londinium with an army of only approximately 10, men, composed of Legio XX Valeria Victrix, Legio XIV Gemina Maria Victrix and any auxilia he could gather, he determined the city’s defenses inadequate to make a stand against Boudicca’s force of an estimatedSeeing the relief force, “the men of the Ninth Legion recovered their spirit, and sure of their safety, fought for glory”, pushing back the Caledonians.

The chaos within the Roman army is indicated by Tacitus when he writes that Cartimandua was rescued, not by legionnaires, but a force of auxiliaries. However, I think it’s more likely that if they did get wiped out by Britons, it happened while they were running at half-capacity, and take your pick how that happened camp illness, guerrilla warfare. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The curious disappearance of one of Rome’s legions.