LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance on Innovation in Operations (IO); Regional Priority (RP); Glossary. Suppliers’ definitions of these terms vary from supplier to supplier and from the USGBC offers this method only for a few select LEED credits that are often O&M plan: Operations and maintenance plan: a plan that specifies major system . Acronyms and Glossary of Terms.» Acronyms and . LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® ozone). O&M: Operation and Maintenance .

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Also known as closed-loop program or product take-back. Electricity produced on site through the burning of fossil fuels is measured by the Scope 1 emissions associated with that fossil fuel.

Remediation decisions rely on information generated during site assessments. For furniture, such labeling may include radio frequency identification, engraving, embossing, or other permanent marking containing information on material origin, properties, and date of manufacture. This calculation excludes inpatient units. If one material wears out and cannot be separated and replaced, the entire product must be thrown away.

Adapted from IES In lay terms, illuminance is a measurement of light striking a surface.

A Facility Manager’s Guide to LEED-EB O&M Rating System

If a building foundation is below the water table, a sump pump may be required. Signage often indicates the type of recyclable waste stored there. In LEED, the project team determines the reasonable upper limit for low-cost improvements based on facility resources and operating budgets. Producers recover and recycle the materials for use in new products of the same type. It does not include irrigation ditches. Interior finish also excludes nonfull spread wet coatings or adhesives. Project teams should comply with the graywater definition established by the authority having jurisdiction in the project area.

This does not include any hotel loads producing electric power in the plant. A highway generally gloesary cities and towns.

Native species have evolved together with other species within the geography, hydrology, and climate of that region. Projects must meet Option 1 requirements and implement an alternative transportation program that includes at least one element from the following categories: The unit name depends on the unit of measurement for area: Also known as single-stream recycling. It must include an enclosed passenger seating area, fixed route service, fixed fare structure, regular operation, and the ability to pick up multiple riders.


A conventional irrigation system commonly uses pressure to deliver water and distributes it through sprinkler heads above the ground. The budget takes into account indoor, outdoor, process, and makeup water demands and any on site supply including estimated rainfall.

Adapted from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. For a full list, see the Appendix.

Examples include furniture, glossar equipment, appliances, external power adapters, televisions, and audiovisual equipment. Since the area involved is differential, it is customary to refer to this as illuminance at a point. For employee parking, it refers to the spots that are closest to the entrance used by employees. Water budgets must be associated with a specified amount of time, such as a week, month, gglossary year and a quantity of water such as kGal, or liters.

Streetcar routes typically extend 2—5 miles kilometers. Lamp life for fluorescent lights is determined by testing three hours on for every 20 minutes off.

LEED v4 for Building Operations and Maintenance – current version | U.S. Green Building Council

Saline or corrosive water should not be used for irrigation. LEED credits address different sustainability strategies and outcomes that facility teams can choose from. Black paint has a solar reflectance lesd 0; white paint titanium dioxide has a solar reflectance of 1. For a complete description of what qualifies as prime farmland, see U.

Examples include planer shavings, sawdust, bagasse, walnut shells, culls, trimmed materials, overissue publications, and obsolete inventories. Examples include the main building entrance as well as any building entryways attached to parking structures, underground parking garages, underground pathways, or outside spaces.

Generally, the gross floor area leed the sum of the floor areas of lsed spaces within the building, including basements, mezzanine and intermediate-floored tiers, and penthouses with headroom height of 7.

For city projects, this includes customers of all classes billed by the utility, municipality or third-party supplier. Downstream equipment includes the thermal connection or interface keed the DES, secondary distribution systems in the building, and terminal units.


Retailers may share some services and common areas.

Also known as rated average life. The master plan boundary considers future sustainable use, expansion, and contraction. HVAC uncontrolled inward air leakage to conditioned spaces through unintentional openings in ceilings, floors, and walls from unconditioned spaces or the outdoors caused by the same pressure differences that induce exfiltration.

A street or other right-of-way does not constitute previously developed tlossary it is the status of property on the other side of right-of-way or the street that matters. EPA exterior vegetated surface area the total area of vegetation on the project site, including vegetated roofs and turf grass.

Financial support must be provided to a recognized land trust or conservation organization within the same state or EPA Level III Ecoregion or within miles for projects outside the United States.

The historic designation must be made by a local historic preservation review board or similar body, and the structure must be listed in a state register of historic places, be listed in the Glosxary Register of Historic Places or a local equivalent outside the U.

The terms reclaimed water, reused water, and recycled water are used interchangeably in the water industry. Power distribution unit PDU output does not include efficiency losses of any transformation that occurs within the PDU, but it can include downstream non-IT ancillary devices installed in IT racks, such as fans.

From that point, project teams have a great deal of flexibility in determining how they pursue and earn the points needed to achieve their desired level glossagy certification. For the purposes of PEER, this refers to the consumer served by the grid operator. To view the latest changes as of April Vision glazing must allow a clear image of the exterior and must not glsosary obstructed by frits, fibers, patterned glazing, or added tints that distort color balance.

In contrast, a lab with specialized equipment and infrastructure would be difficult to relocate.