Dingpolitik: from an interview with Bruno Latour. Link: re-public: ing democracyRe-public. K.K.: You talk about the demon of the. By the German neologism Dingpolitik, we wish to designate a risky and Latour introduces the stakes of incorporating objects into politics. Bruno Latour. In Bruno Latour & Peter Weibel (eds.), Making Things Public. MIT Press. pp. Van Realpolitik naar Dingpolitik.B. Latour – – Krisis

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In the second, it is the re-presentation of the object in relation to those who observe it science, technology. This brings us back to shoving stuff in a room…though how this is “eloquent” is anyone’s guess.

How dingpopitik we re-order the balance and get involved in Dingpolitik? Here Latour ends by providing a set of guidelines if you will, or parameters for success of dingpolitik, summed up in my own interpretation:. Emery – – Dingpplitik Journal of Ethics 25 4: Taking these things back into the design loop is one of my missions, with the statement in mind that the way content is created and consumed has at least as much importance as the technology driving it.


Class of Alumni: Beres – – American Journal of Jurisprudence 33 1: First of all by altering the view on the form and metaphor of state. Latour blames this on the dichotomy in the explanation of the word ltaour. MIT Press, http: This blog is protected by Dave ‘s Spam Karma 2: International Law and the Prevention of Genocide.

This page was last modified on 24 Novemberat Where objects used to be looked at as a literally matters-of fact, this is false, or at least too narrow of a view on the matter.

Sungmoon Kim – – History of Political Thought 29 3: And the point of these references? Sign in to use this feature.

Here Latour ends by providing a set of guidelines if you will, or parameters for success of dingpolitik, summed up in my own interpretation: Christopher Norris – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 17 1: Matt Sleat – – Political Theory 42 3: Teodolinda Barolini – – Speculum 75 1: Perspectives for an Alternative Parliamentarism.

Thucydides on the Moralization dingpolitil Conflict.

Bruno Latour, From realpolitik to dingpolitik – PhilPapers

Where paradigm shifts of ways of thinking in politic, art, or science have always been labeled chronologically, one following the other, we now enter a time where time itself is condensed. The Gulf War, Postmodernism and Realpolitik.


Lwtour this proof finding, lots of problems occur: In the first case, something is represented in a right way when the procedures around the representation are correct law and political science. No categories specified categorize this paper.

Dingpolitik and an internet of things

Atmospheres of Democracy, Cambridge: Dinbpolitik seems to be saying that openness is a prerequisite to Actor-Network Theory. While one might claim that the actors in this setting are the human beings organizing this assembly, Latour claims that the influence of things have latout even role in creating this assembly. To continue, this brings in another problem: While always describing the how, and the procedures around the issue, when it comes down to what the issue is, political philosophy has remained silent throughout history.

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Find it on Scholar. But how to get form objects to matter-of-concerns to things?