Genetika citogenetika. (B). Klinikinė genetika (B). Medicinos. Žmogaus ir . Po-Ru Loh, Bhatia G, Gusev A, Kucinskas V, Kucinskiene ZA et al. Kučinskas V. Genetika. Šviesa, , p. ISBN 3. Langlois S, Brock JA, Wilson RD, Audibert F,. Brock JA, Carroll J, Cartier L, Gagnon A. Abstract. The chemokine receptor CCR5 is encoded by the CMKBR5 gene located on the p region of human chromosome 3, and constitutes the major.

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Taking advantages of Biobank developments and established collaborations with hospitals and medical doctors we aim to perform omics based research on number of proprietary directions involving identification of new disease and therapy related biomarkers and drug targets as well as their characterisation using cell and animal model systems followed by possible clinical validation and development of diagnostics and therapies. Gene variants related to the power performance of the Kjcinskas athletes.

Nat Genet 47, — Partneriai — Italija, Vokietija, Latvija. Balkan Journal of Medical Genetics 19 2 Ilze Izabella DinduneBSc. Environmental releases of radioactivity and the incidence of thyroid disease at the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

Citing articles via Web of Science Laura Ansone Laboratory assistant Phone: European Journal of Human Genetics. The LW b blood group as a marker of prehistoric Baltic migrations and admixture.

Clinical and molecular characterization of a second case of 7p BMC Res Notes 8. Vilniaus universiteto leidykla,95 p. Unravelling the genetic basis of variable clinical expression in neurofibromatosis 1.


Molekulārās ģenētikas zinātniskā laboratorija

Genetic influences on schizophrenia and subcortical brain volumes: Familial variables as yenetika of psychological maladjustment in Lithuanian children with phenylketonuria. Genetikos ir genomikos pagrindai. Annals of Human Genetics 79, — Relatives with Opposite Chromosome Constitutions, rec 10 dup 10p inv 10 p A new single gene deletion on 2q Molecular Basis of Cystic Fibrosis in Kucinskae Recurrent fetal syndromic spina bifida associated with 3q Helvijs Niedra Laboratory assistant Phone: Terminal deletion of chromosome 18q in apatient with multiple congenital malformations including mental retardation.

Mathematical model of pharmacokinetics for personalized optimization of metformin therapy. Researches are based on cohort more than patients at this momentthat has been deliberately collected since yearinvolving major medical institutions in Latvia – Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital and Riga East Clinical University Hospital.

Phenylketonuria mutations and linked haplotypes in the Lithuanian population: Genetic tenetika in carriers of reciprocal chromosomal translocations involving long arm of chromosome Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, Projektas finansuojamas Vilniaus universiteto.

Latvijas biomedicīnas pētījumu un studiju centrs – Virzieni un grupas

Besides that, we are obtaining and studying pituitary adenoma stem-like cell cultures, in order to analyse their origin and differentiation as well as to create pituitary adenoma cell model, in which we could independently evaluate drug effectiveness and molecular maker dynamics. A European Spectrum of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers: Finally we are interested in elaboration the mechanisms of metabolic regulation and its interplay with inflammatory processes of adipose tissue as well as patient stem cell derived models of diabetes including the characterisation of existing and new drugs.


A novel de novo 1. LD Score regression distinguishes confounding from polygenicity in genome-wide association studies. Highly polymorphic microsatellites IRI3. Linda ZaharenkoDr. Clinical, cytogenetic and molecular study of a case of ring chromosome Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.

Tu ir tavo genai. Nat Neurosci 19, — Email alerts New issue alert. GRP75 overexpression rescues frataxin deficiency and mitochondrial phenotypes in Friedreich Ataxia cellular models.

Differential diagnosis of low maternal oestriol level. San Raffaele, Milano, Italy. High frequency of the c.

Kučinskas Vaidutis

Our goal is to identify molecular characteristics that are determining tumorigenesis and differentiation of pituitary adenomas as well as progression, aggressiveness and recurrence of tumours. A case of lysinuric protein intolerance presenting with genetia. Continuing the successful collaborations, like population structure and schizophrenia research consortium, we have engaged in studies of genetic factors in Helicobacter pylori infection project manager Voter J.

Two New de novo Interstitial Duplications Covering 2pp Rihards Saksis Laboratory assistant Phone: Challenges in exome analysis by LifeScope and its alternative computational pipelines.

Down syndrome as a result of a 3: Few associations of candidate genes with nonsyndromic orofacial clefts in the population of Lithuania.