Mar 28, The book gives the readers ample and rich information about Vedas, Vedic people who are said to possess more spiritual and scientific knowledge than what. May 4, In The Krishna Key, the protagonist Saini is accused of murdering his close friend and stealing a sacred seal supposed to unlock the secrets of. The Krishna Key by Sanghi Ashwin from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!.

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Not all characters are well-established but such ain’t missed as the story has its own pace to follow.

I enjoyed the history lessons though, and Sznghi did read some of the reference material that is cited at the end of the book. For instance, there is a narrative that describes an Indian police officer arresting an important character. Let me make wanghi clear right at the start – It is not a book for everyone!

I have read his The Rozabal Line 4 stars from me and found it super-cool Ashwin sanghi did a lot of reasearch. Thats a far better book than The Krishna Key. Again conflict of theories, but this didn’t hold good. The plot, in itself, is not very complicated. Publisher’s Summary Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magical being called Krishna, who brought about innumerable miracles for the good of mankind.

It gave an impression of dispersed information and seemed like had-the-information-so-had-to-put-it. I assume such a random and seemingly unrelated course was taken just to fill up the stipulated numbers of pages mentioned in the publisher’s agreement and writers contract.

If you are interested in learning about the historicity of Krishna, better get hold of “Search for the Historical Krishna” by Dr. History is in their genes.


One of a historian. If you have read Dan Brown, perhaps you may feel pity for the author and his attempt. She could have insisted on joining Lakshman, as did Sita with Ram. Only, he is a serial killer. But his plans for everlasting glory do not end there, and the young king marches towards the Ends of the Earth – the lands of the Indus – on a secret quest.

What is your message to young writers and creative professionals to achieve success in literary world as you did? Recommended to Harish by: Jrishna, Every character we ever meet conveniently has an abundance of knowledge on Indian history and can spout them at will.

I mean, what on earth was that???

The Krishna Key: Buy The Krishna Key by Sanghi Ashwin at Low Price in India |

My rating would be 3. He clearly had an urgent need to meet. When snghi Jewish woman is killed on the steps of the Natural History Museum in New York, disparate lives are thrown together for one purpose: Its fast, its full of surprises and its mind-numbing! It is an excellent mix of sci-fi, fantasy, action and adventure, something like Dan Brown’s writings.

Krishna, the eight avatar of Vishnu might have left behind something that’s world threatening and oh, the seers who wrote the Vedas, they knew of nuclear energy and the bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima might not be the first ones.

My biggest challenge ashain the fact that I did not understand Sanskrit.

Already this has been said asuwin Dan-brown, Mr. The way Sanghi manoeuvred the plot with a meticulous compilation of Mythological, Theological and Scientific facts is splendid. Hat’s off to the originality!!

Like the Mahabharata war date has been factually calculated based on simulations, then there are the submerged ruins of Dwarka, among various others including Mt. The characters are convincingly real. Like I said at the start, this is not a book for everyone. For the real protagonist of The Krishna Key, is not Krishna or any of the characters, but the painstakingly done historical research.


The Krishna Key – Ashwin Sanghi – A Lot of Pages

You are commenting using your WordPress. Juvenile Priya is his associate. Too much historical information stuffed into one book.

Only, he is a serial killer. Know your audience, Sanghi. Oh God, the ending! Nov asjwin, Karthick rated it really liked it Shelves: It made me realize the essence of life “Simplicity”!!

The Krishna Key

The Krishna Key is a compilation of many historical incidents, scientific researches with some fiction out of the author’s imagination. This means that we get to know everything, everyone of the characters is thinking or saying or doing at all times – which can be an overload of information. Granted that the author has tried to take a different approach, but with the similar outline and protagonist, it is difficult to be different. The sanghl Allah in arabic language, in ancient hindu symbols resembles OM 2.

It does not claim to be a scholarly work and hence I would refrain from using it as a guide to our mythology or kfy.

Also, a refresher course on Mahabharata runs parallel to the narrative. Those seals are what now is known as the identification mark that every citizen of Dwarka carried. Luckilythe same frien Jul 04, Vikas Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amerjit Deu, Raj Ghatak Length: