Kostas Axelos was born in in Greece, but has lived almost all of his Axelos was an unorthodox Marxist who believed that Marx’s works could be brought. Interview kostas axelos. Mondialisation without the world. stuart elden when you left greece in , why did you choose paris?kostas axelos. Having a trilingual. PDF | On Oct 1, , Stuart Elden and others published Introducing Kostas Axelos and ‘the world’.

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It was a passionate adventure, a laboratory of ideas, very distant from orthodoxies and -isms of the time. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. For Axelos, this expanded understanding of technology became a way of interrogating both modern society and Marxism [13].

He will be always with us on our explorations in outer space, in our great navigations of endless future, in our never ending travelling inside the centuries, the moments, the galaxies of passions and the microcosms of experience… Void Network thanks Kostas Axelos for all great inspiration and mind expanding philosphical influence that he offered to our collective for all help that offered to us on our steps to the Edges of the Horizon.

Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Heidegger and Heraclitus. He was arrested and escaped. SE Youwrite of planetary technology. Critiquing overly determinist accounts of globalization, for example, Axelos argues that it is a process of world-forming mondialisation which is more open to transformation than classical Marxists theorists often admit.

Errancy is not the converse of truth, it does not mean error or vagrancy. Retrieved from ” https: He was a contributor, editor and then the chief editor of the Arguments journal —62whose contributors included Barthes, Lefebvre, Blanchot and Lefort. And why did the review close in ? Globalization names a process which universalizes technology, economy, politics, and even civilization and culture. He enrolled in the Law School in order to pursue studies in law and economics.


The events of only made clearer what had been visible before.

Axelos uses the concept of “play” le jeu both as an ontological category the “system of systems” and as an ethical ideal for an unalienated society. Science Logic and Mathematics. KA Technology puts into movement all that happens on the earth and leads to the conquest of space, the conquest of the other stars in the heavens. SE Howdid you come to meet lacan, picasso and heidegger? Technology puts into movement all that happens on the earth and leads to the conquest of space, the conquest of the other stars in the heavens.

No keywords specified fix it. University of Texas Press out of print. These are the pieces of which I am aware, with references to the French originals. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a axeloa. I axeoos Picasso in in Vallauris where I was spending a few days on holiday with a friend. SE What was its heritage — non-orthodox Adelos, or not Marxism at all?

He founded and, sincehas run the series. They did not speak the same language, their approaches were entirely different. After completion of the third trilogy, Axelos published Open Systems as an extension of the concepts that he had hitherto employed on “exposures in the world ‘with a means of capturing and writing axelso the different and enormous ‘wanderings’ of the open kosas i.

To undertake advanced studies in philosophy one must know the language in which one is working. It is at the same time alienating and an opening, it is everywhere in work: International situationniste fought against us violently. One must say, the political realm in general eluded him. But despite the National Socialist enticement of Heidegger, his thought can absolutely not be reduced or limited to Nazism. He was arrested but managed to escape.


Kostas Axelos

Is it Aquestion of alienation through technology? Heidegger I met in the summer ofwhen he was spending a few days in Paris, just before the meeting with Lacan and the conference in Cerisy. Democratic materialism and the materialist dialectic.

SE Youwere already political, but why did you become a philosopher? In Greek, planet means wandering star [ astre errant ]. Axelos’ approach to thinking and philosophizing can be called ‘ Open Marxism ,’ a term Axelos himself has used.

Kostas Axelos, the great Philosopher of the Open Horizon is Dead! – Void Network

He was later expelled from the Communist Party and condemned to death by the right-wing government. Kostas Axelos in English — a bibliography with links Progressive Geographies. There is also not much written about him in English. In employing both Marx and Freud, Axelos did not carelessly reject their arguments despite trying to “liberate the vital forces” within themas his autobiography notes: I therefore met and discussed with the marginalized, the isolated — that is to say, those who were that way at that time — in the search for koztas way, outside of trodden paths.

For Marx and Marxism: Kostas Axelos – – Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 21 2: Additionally, each of us was turning more to our own work, writing our own books.