Fanuc 32i control, X axis mm, Y axis mm, Z axis mm, 2 pallets, x mm pallet size, rpm direct drive spindle speed, 40 station ATC. KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by Meridian Machinery, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Wisconsin, United States – # KIWA KH Horizontal Machining Centers for sale by RAB Industries, Inc. – Used – Excellent – Michigan, United States – #

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I think Seekins had a Kiwa for a bit and wasn’t fond of it compared to his matsuura and even more so to his Makinos For the record I use the NC4 on my nh and am very happy with the results.

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As for reach Horizontals can have reach issues but not as bad as 5 axis. Coordinate Measuring Machines 5. The fact you entertain the currently requested price tells me you are not kh-54 of that machines market value, worse you may be over your skis a touch.

I believe it really comes down to your parts.

Damn funny, and I will take my lumps I would love to see those videos. I know I got little side tracked but O well! Maybe mori coolant line placement is better?

I think why they pay so much for it was because they did a turn key that toke 9 months to program 2 parts. Closing out the mystery The machine is has 6 pallet, tools,reinshaw probe and laser, 1, psi through coolant etc etc.


I got all excited to see a 3 page thread, but didn’t ck the date until page 2. Just haven’t heard much kiwaa the brand is all. EDM Hole Popper 9. Glen, You mentioned in an older post that you had issues with the NC4 laser tool measurement in the Matsuura, especially with coolant drips causing false tool breakage alarms. Using Exapro is super easy, here is how kiww works. Thank GOD we rented it and didn’t buy it. I’m gonna call tomorrow to ask how much they would charge k-45 set it up.

If ih-45 6 pallets were loaded up with custom fixtures, tooling, ect. You have the same machine to sell? Originally Posted by LAWeapons. Sorry, this offer is no longer available on Exapro Kiwa KH cnc horizontal milling machine.


The K figure seems awfully high for a mm HMC, even with those options. Sorry my friend, you need somebody to tell you what it is and what it is not–with your actively considering this deal. Home Metal – machine tools Milling – cnc horizontal milling machines. Even at that it seems a bit steep.

So I kh–45 this machine could really come in handy for this since there super simple parts anyways. Not a long program, about 19 min total on mattsura and 12 something on the Makino’s Just not a real big name in the machining world, but then neither was Haas twenty years ago.

But it does make sense since a horizontal will always be able iiwa put more parts on a tombstone vs 5 axis. Looks oh-45 5th axis just brought another one so they must like it.


Kiwa KH Good? Bad?

Free time to leave the shop? If you don’t need to do a compound-angle feature on a part, and can afford to only work 3-sides at a time, and the quantities are there, then the horizontal will pull away in a hurry Using Exapro is super easy, here is how it works.

A horizontal will change pallets quicker too. It was actually LAWeapons, not Lawman. Do you want to stay informed about the availability of this machine? How does Exapro work? Reliable KIWA Machining Centers are loaded with features for maximum speed, accuracy, rigidity and value with an exceptional service life.

Let us help you. I know the guy personality. Ih-45 know the guy personality. No spam – Unsubscribe anytime.

Yes, I’ll be there Monday, late morning. I’m not in the position like Glen is to where I need what he has yet.

KIWA’s exclusive in-the-field expandable tool and pallet technology, feature-rich package and cost-effective pricing, brings the advantages of horizontal machining within a job shop’s reach.

Even with good fixturing hold parts per pallet? Copyright Exapro s. The NC4 is not factory equipment for the Matsuura, it was added by Oh-45, they might have done a poor job setting up the Macros but that isn’t the machines fault.