planet-earth-lowtouch-banner Kenneth E. Boulding () was a British economist, educator, systems scientist and interdisciplinary. “Spaceship Earth”: Boulding, Kenneth E.(). Period of local pollution. Period of global ruin of human sustainability. The capability of nature to clean up by. Abstract. The work of Kenneth Boulding is sometimes cited as being foundational to the understanding of how the economy interacts with the.

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The Earth environment is harsh and survival is constant struggle for life, including whole species extinction. This total stock of spaceshpi is clearly an open system in the sense that it has inputs and outputs, inputs being production which adds bouldiny the capital stock, outputs being consumption which subtracts from it. Up to now, certainly, we have not got very far with the technology of using current solar energy, but the possibility of substantial improvements in the future is certainly high.

And very great command over the services of others comes to those who as the hatches are opened are permitted to say, “This is mine! Nevertheless, it is hard to find equivalents. It should be possible, however, to distinguish slaceship part of the GNP which is derived from exhaustible and that which is derived from reproducible resources, as well as that part of consumption which represents effluvia and that which represents input into the productive system again.

Now we must urgently tackle the next challenge, of fostering these new principles to accompany the vision. If we had clothes that did not wear out, houses that did not depreciate, and even if we could maintain our bodily condition without eating, we would clearly be much better off. One hesitates to use the terms “open” and “closed” in this connection, as they have been used with so many different shades of meaning.


Buckminster Fuller Sustainability Earth Conceptual models. John Wiley and Sons, We can think of the world economy or “econosphere” as a subset of the “world set,” which is the set of all objects of possible discourse in the world.

Economic Principles for “Spaceship Earth”

I am inclined myself to regard the stock concept as most fundamental, that is, to think of being well fed as more important than eating, blulding to think even of so-called services as essentially involving the restoration of a depleting psychic capital. There was almost always somewhere beyond the known limits of human habitation, and over a very large part of the time that man has been on earth, there has been something like a frontier.

There are no inputs from outside and no outputs to the outside; indeed, there is no outside at all. From book IV, chapter The G20 has also launched the Green Finance Study Group, co-chaired by China and the United Kingdom, to explore ways of mobilizing private capital for green investments.

Unless lenneth individual identifies with some community of this kind, conservation is obviously “irrational. Over the next bouldlng years, circular economy strategy studies and planning projections will mature into budgets and technology adoption. Otherwise there would be no demand for variety in food, for variety in scene, as in travel, for variety in social contact, and so on.

Housed within the sphere is a dark ride that serves to explore the history of communications and promote Epcot’s founding principles, “[a] belief and pride in man’s ability to shape a world that offers hope to eartth everywhere.

Init convened leading companies, city governments philanthropists and policymakers to rethink the future of plastics.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Does economic welfare involve having nice clothes, eart houses, good equipment, and so on, or is it to be measured by the depreciation and the wearing out of these things? Circular economy manufacturing is emerging from the halls of Davos, the European Union, and corporate boardrooms to drive industry action. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


We eqrth think of the state of the econosphere at any one moment as being the total capital stock, that is, the set of all objects, people, organizations, and so on, which are interesting from the point of view of the system of exchange. Some isolated primitive societies may have approximated to this, but even these had to take inputs from the environment and give outputs to it.

Innovation, technological adoption, and financial investment—led by private enterprise with support from public policy and the right incentives—can launch the spaceship earth on a more sustainable and prosperous path. Agriculture, a few solar machines, and water power use the current available energy income.

It may be complained that the considerations I have been putting forth relate only to the very long run, and they do not much concern our immediate problems. How much savings justify the expense and krnneth of new solutions?

Housing and building construction generally almost certainly has declined in durability since the Middle Ages, but this decline also reflects a change in tastes towards flexibility and fashion and a need for novelty, so that it is not eartb to assess.

Spaceship Earth – Wikipedia

There are actually some very tricky and unsolved problems involved in the questions as to whether human welfare or well-being is to be regarded as a stock or a flow. A pioneer in environmental economics, John Krutilla helped define the field by accounting for the concerns of each side. It may be, indeed, that the biological revolution which is just beginning will produce a solution to this problem, as we develop artificial organisms which are capable of much more efficient transformation of solar energy into easily available forms than any that we now have.