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Turned is an abbreviation for “finish by turn- ing. The length of a circle lyy in diameter is 4.

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The letters should be made to extend fully up to the top, and down to the bottom, guide lines. Dimension and extension lines must be light, broken lines of the same thickness as the center and construction lines. The student 7029 practice with his triangles before beginning drawing. These ovals should be made a little wider at the top than at the bottom. The paper is secured to the drawing board by means of tliumbtacks. If the pen is held so that only one blade bears on the paper when drawing, the line will almost inva- riably iba ragged on the edge where the blade does not bear.

Through the points thus laid off, draw the lines “, “, “, etc. Ordinary script writing is not permissible. The remaining distances are laid off in a similar manner. The point D of the elevation is projected on the plan in the point Kab, and the point oppo- site D, perpendicular to the plane of the paper, is the point H, shown in all of the side elevations. The setscrews are then screwed down or set, so as to prevent B and JJ’ from chan- ging bae positions.

Projecting from the top edge of the brace-block in Fig. With the curve set in the first position A, its edge is found to coincide with four points Fig. GO is shown a per- spective view of a kbba of a pyramid having a rectangu- lar base and a hole passing through the center of the frustum.


So proceed until the point 6 is reached; from here on, until the point 12 of the helix is reached, the curve will be dotted. A drawing of this kind is called a detail drawing. Suppose that the elevation is first drawn.

To construct the front elevation, draw a horizontal line A’C and project A upon this line, thus obtaining the point A’. The pitch, or distance that the screw would advance in one turn, would be f ae an inch, the same as if it were a single- threaded screw of f of an inch pitch, while the depth of the thread is only half as great. The lead for the compasses should be sharpened 702119 the same manner as the pencil, but should have its width narrower.

A pair of hardwood cleats is screwed to the back of the board, the screws passing through the cleats in oblong slots with iron bushings, which allow the screws to move freely when drawn by the contraction and expansion of the board.

To begin the drawing, draw the vertical center line a a’ at a. Unless in very much of a hurry, the method shown in Fig. Locate the center line of the end view f inch from the right-hand border line.

It will be noticed that part of the pin A B is flat- tened. In some cases, draftsmen will draw a dotted line or a full red line at a little distance from the outline and write f across it ; it is usually under- stood, in that case, that the lengths of the supplementary lines denote the extent of the surfaces that are to be finished. The lines A B, Fig. In all good instruments, the needle point itself is a separate piece of round steel wire, held in place in a socket provided at the end of the leg.

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It is shown in plan and section. All that is required is to give the size of the channel, etc. The most commonly used abbreviations kbba D. From the point C, and through the second division from B, as 6, draw the straight line C6.


kba 70219 abe pdf to jpg

Should the triangle A extend too far beyond the edge of the triangle B after a number of lines have been drawn, hold A stationary with the left hand and shift B along the edge of A with the right hand and then proceed as before. The first eight figures of this plate show the conven- tional methods of representing screws. Thus, referring to Fig. The center line of the die holder should be located 2 inches above the lower border line and the center of the end view 6 – inches from the right-hand border line.

If these parts be subdivided into 2, 4, S, etc. Each stringer is notched 1 inch over the cap.

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To draw a vertical line, place the T square in position to draw a hori- zontal line, and lay the tri- angle against it, so as to form a right angle. Draw lines tangent to this curve and parallel to the edges between A and O already found. It will be noticed that one-half of a turn of the helix is shown dotted ; this is because that part of it is on the other side of the cylinder, and 70291 be seen.

If a second plate were cut out in the same manner and bent into a circle, the two pieces on being brought together, as shown in Fig. If a line is supposed to end at some particular point, make it end there — do not let it extend beyond or fall short.

Kna the division lines, and clean the draw- ing by rubbing very gently with the eraser.