Initially, Kasravi enrolled in a seminary. Later Born in Hokmabad (Hohmavar), Tabriz, Iran, Kasravi was an Iranian Azari. Initially احمد کسروی’s books. Azari, or the Ancient Language of Azarbayegan. By: Kasravi, Ahmad. Price: $ Publisher: Bethesda, Maryland, Ibex Publishers: , Edition:?. Kasravi’s writings may be treated in four phases. First, in the period from the mid- s to the mids, he published textbooks for teaching.

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Ahmad Kasravi – Wikipedia

Kasravi had to secretly leave Tabriz and take kwsravi for a week in a nearby village. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: His works on social and religious reformism first appeared in the s: Kasravi’s experience with every day private and social conduct of Muslims confronted him with a major epistemological problem. Kasravi and his staff took part in the capture of the city of Dezful q.

We see that javascript is disabled or not supported by your browser – javascript is needed for important actions on the site. His outspoken ways would lead him to have many supporters and critics starting from the Reza Shah period.

Clerical errors

Kasrravi, who at first seemed to be a reformer of Shi’ism, later hardened his position and became anti-Shi’i. The clerical opponents of the movement accused its proponents of seeking to impose the will of the people over that of God.

We British, with our blase attitude to our parliament and its kazravi members, forget just how long and hard the Iranians have fought for representative government. What is the remedy today? It has permitted a succession of government coups d’etat, first when the Qajars’ Cossack forces bombarded the parliament inand then in when a Cossack officer named Reza Khan kasrzvi power and established the Pahlavi dynasty.


Kasravi reproached the clergy on several counts. The Fedayan went on to assassinate the prime minister and may have been behind the attempt on the life of Muhammad Reza in the garden of Tehran University in The same group had failed in assassinating Kasravi earlier in April in Tehran.

Moreover, he had liberal views on religion, was a strong supporter of democracy, and expressed them in satirical pamphlets like What Is the Religion of the Hajis with Warehouses? Learn more about Amazon Prime.


Social and religious reformism. During his stay in Paris, Ali Shari’ati sent home a list of books he needed in preparation for a lecture kaeravi ‘New Islamic Currents in Iran’. He also observed that those same Muslims refrained from certain acts which he believed were incumbent upon any pious believer. Rezakhani, Khodadad Rice, D. The anti-constitutionalist mullahs took advantage of the presence of the Russian forces and thundered relentlessly against the constitutionalist faction, including Kasraavi by virtue of his pro-resistance position.

All works in Western languages and works in Persian published after are prepared by EIr. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Most of the men of the Kasravi family were opposed to the movement, which forced him to go into seclusion and devote his time to reading all the books he could find. While still a seminary student in Tabriz, his home town, he came into contact with militants of the constitutionalist movement. From the early age of sixteen, Kasravi became a pro-constitutionalist. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Pope, Arthur Upham Pourjavadi, N. May 2, This article is available in print.


Faithful to his principles, to the end of his life Kasravi remained an unremitting defender of order, national unity, justice, the Constitution, and the modernization of the country. Kasravi rejected the infallibility of the Twelve Imams, ridiculed the existence of the Twelfth Imam and consequently the central Shi’i notion of his occultation and his promised return on earth. Kasravi argued that a reward could be expected only for a useful act. Fletcher, “The Methodology of Abdolkarim Soroush: Eye of the State, Trustee of the Throne and so on.

A few months later, a new minister of justice was lavishly inaugurated in the presence of the new king Reza Shah. A new war broke out between the adherents and the detractors of the movement. He derided their role kastavi deepening the animosity between Shi’i and Sunni Muslims. The two groups composed or papered over their differences in the late s, when kaseavi seemed that for a second time Iran was being sold to foreigners under Muhammad Reza. Later, he joined the Iranian Constitutional Revolution.

While Abdolhossein Teymourtash was a strong supporter of his works, Mohammad Ali Foroughi is said to have taken strong exception to his literary theories and banned him from contributing to the Farhangestan or to continue publishing. The dismemberment of the country appeared to be a fait accompli. It was losing its economic and political independence to the Russian and British kasravl as a profligate absolute monarchy Intellectual Traditions Series Bibliotheca Iranica: