Junta: Las Cartas provides the full experience of its big brother Juntain a compact card game format. At the Download the Junta rulebook Part One / Part Two. Occasional gunfire echoes through the night, and a bloodsucking junta rules You are members of the eponymous Junta of the “República de las Bananas”. Junta is a board game designed by Merlin Southwell first published in by Creative and marines in the event of a coup. The rulebook makes reference to the “ceremonial shelling of the Presidential Palace” at the beginning of a coup.

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Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Others may find it easier simply being a turncoat. It is only safe to return from exile when the President is dead, before a new one has been elected, during a coup provided that a friendly player controls the relevant embassy, or if the Minister’s position is frozen see below.

A dead or exiled player may not use any of his family’s cabinet positions. If the budget failed altogether, leaving the President with the entire foreign aid, no banking may take place at all this turn.

Units first move, and then volleys can be fired between opposing units that are in the same area. Although players are often executed or assassinated in the course of gameplay, the only real implication of a player’s death is the loss of cash and Junta cards he is carrying and a temporary inability to participate until his next turn, when another member of the family steps up to assume the responsibilities of the deceased.

Assassination attempts by the Minister’s secret police may not take place at the Bank two turns in a row. If allowed, any player may start a coup, thus becoming First Rebelby playing a card to place units on the board, moving any unit or bombarding the presidential palace.

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The budget is then voted on. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Junta (game)

A player may go into exile during the Location phase by placing a location marker on one of the embassies on the map, to indicate the country fled to. A Pro-Junta loyalist takes no part in the election.

El Presidente draws 8 bills from the foreign aid money deck. Any player who chooses to move or fire during the rebel phase becomes a rebel. In order to start a coup there must exist a coup excuse, which is kept track of by an indicator on the board. See all 11 collections some may be hidden. junga

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. After the end of the final coup phase, the players negotiate and must declare themselves either Pro-President or Pro-Junta. Then each player declares his assassinations. The combat rules are fairly complex. The 3rd edition is fromhere’s a list of changes: The game ends when the President cannot draw eight bills from the foreign aid money at the beginning of a turn.

The rules can be found here: After an assassination attempt has taken place at the Bank, an indicator on the board is changed to indicate that the “Bank is Safe” from the secret police for a turn. Steve Jackson Games The side that loses the most units from combat must retreat to an unoccupied adjacent area. Also, any player who chose his “Headquarters” as his location in the Location phase may start a coup without an excuse to do so.

I am not affiliated with them. First each player chooses his location using the location tiles in a secret yet binding fashion. A player may return from exile at any time, but normally the Minister of Internal Security may have the returning player executed by the secret police at will.

English rules for Junta | Junta | BoardGameGeek

In the case of a Junta victory, the rebels elect a new President. Once all assassinations are declared, they are resolved in order.


Coups are a tactical ruebook within the game that may result in the replacement of ujnta President and unfortunate players being sent to the firing squad. Each player not in exile has the ability to draw and play “Junta” cards, direct the votes he controls via cabinet positions, influence, and vote cards on the President and the budget votes, carry out the abilities listed on his influence cards and cabinet positions, command his troops during a coup, and manage his money.

A rebelhowever, cannot become a loyalist. The first phase of a coup is called the rebel phase. Any other positions of dead or exiled players are considered frozen.

Junta cards are drawn and El Presidente is elected, if necessary. El Presidente cannot hold a cabinet position and must assign each other player at least one position. The version you’re talking about is the 2nd edition of Junta. In all votes, each player commands one vote representing himself and whatever votes he can garner from influence or voting cards.

El Presidente assigns cabinet positions to the other players. If the budget failed but was forced through by the Minister of Internal Security, the bank is closed for lunch until after the coup phase. Post as a guest Name.

Junta (game) – Wikipedia

It’s a great hobby game because it creates a mood and captures a theme brilliantly, and integrates every single design element to that cause. An assassination is successful if a player’s location is guessed correctly, although some assassination cards require a successful dice roll ruleboo well and some cards may be used to thwart an assassination. A typical game will have rounds.

The players of Junta represent corrupt and powerful Banana Republic families. This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Abner Nirtzman – It loads fine for me, I think all the resources shold be rulegook.

A rebel may choose to be Pro-Presidentand a loyalist may see reasons to become Pro-Junta.