Revolt Against the Modern World has ratings and 34 reviews. Chris said: Revolt Against the Modern World by Julius Evola is a book so breathtaking, so. With unflinching gaze and uncompromising intensity Julius Evola analyzes the spiritual and cultural malaise at the heart of Western civilization and all that. REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO Julius EVOLA. He sees it as the highest of devotions, precisely because it places .

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Dark elemental forces now use the higher faculties of isolated individuals to impose obsessive possession on them. Dies irae veniendum est. However, Evola’s historical model is quite different, except for the emphasis on modern decline. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guideline for books. I suspect Evola would have nothing but scorn for Aleister Crowley’s commandment, “Do what thou wilt. At turns prophetic and provocative, Revolt against the Modern World outlines a profound metaphysics of history and demonstrates how and why we have lost contact with the transcendent dimension of being.

Evola is a great thinker, but I found this book to be written in a tedious manner. It is a vital force that transcends worlds, or a frequency one can embody. There were assaults against traditions all over the world at that time, but in the West, particularly in Greece, the assault was most acute and successful.

Rome seemed to bring about the rebirth of solar regality, but it was undercut by every kind of cult. The King of the World is an archetype, and also a legend of a real earthly ruler. However, the achievement of the transcendent in that manner is not just for the casualties of the Lesser Holy War of combat. The tone of the book suggests that this was very much a bad thing, but Evola never explains why. So I think understanding him is pretty important to understanding what’s going on today, and it especially will explain why any amount of fanatics are willing to carry themselves off into the divine with bombs strapped to their chest.

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But the part about how the divine bloodline of kings is meant to represent the ‘eternal fire’, completely allowed me to understand Dark Souls as well.

On looking back, if I had read this during my JC Literature classes, it would have made Death and the King’s Horseman so easy to understand. We see this right through Jewish history; we can trace its effect on modern science.

Revolt Against the Modern World – Wikipedia

The revolt advocated by Evola does not resemble the familiar protests of either liberals or conservatives. That which is traditional in Catholicism is not Christian. Is it meant to capture how historical people which ones?

The End of this World. It was a very different book from what I expected. Spiritual and political centralism are the predicate for a great deal of autonomous pluralism. Note that this was not personal devotion; traditional loyalty is impersonal, just as the transcendent is nonhuman.

Rites renew the god and identify the celebrant with the god. Evola is a man who yearns for infinity. The interest part here is the idea that the world is degenerating instead of progressing. A masterwork that I will no doubt have to go back to at various points during the rest of my life.

Revolt Against the Modern World

Views Read Edit View history. He writes with nostalgia for Hyperuranium, for transcendence. I for one, am going to deal with my pain with full use of my mental faculties.

However, a new Templarism was what was needed, not pledges to invade any country that showed revolutionary tendencies. The goal of contemplation thus rises above mere theism to a state that is like the sun compared to theism’s moon. Today’s primitives are degenerates. Knights even ordained each other, before an ecclesiastical ceremony was devised. Later, when Brahman was considered the All, the Source, and the Goal, the way was open to belief in the equality of agajnst creatures.


Finally, the Church tried to effect an inversion of their proper relationship. These rites encompassed the whole of human existence. Once he started his very bad critique of Evolution in the second part, I stopped there, because I could tell what the rest was going to be like. The European interest in the subject became pronounced only during the Renaissance, when religious prohibitions weakened.

All activities, from the sacred sciences to the inferior professions, had their mysteries, anagogic elements that looked upward. It was wvola action, taken without againnst to object or means. Their ways contain only fragments of the ways of the primordial people.

The suicidal and the duped. There are two paths after death. What kind of psychopath works tirelessly to give up his private property and arms? Mar 28, Dylan Grant rated it really liked it Shelves: The ego is ephemeral. Perhaps the very concept of measurement is anti-Tradition, an artefact of the “science that degraded and democratized the very notion of knowledge by establishing the uniform criterion of truth and certainty based on the soulless world of numbers”. Titanic, Luciferian, and Promethean mean roughly the same thing in this context.