students finally voted for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat! .. When asked whether memorising all the English scripts and lyrics is difficult, Joe . Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. There is no “script” for this musical but there is plenty of acting. Since there will be no part to. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Backing Track) For Schools This version of Joseph has a Piano-Vocal Score and Script to match the CD.

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Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat script

And their scriipt couldn’t see the danger He could not imagine any danger He just saw in Joseph all his dreams come true. I look handsome, I look smart Choir: Can’t you recognize my face?

I am a walking work of art Ch: Song of the King.

Potiphar had made a huge pile Owned a large percentage of the Nile Meant that I could really live in style and I did. A crash of drums, a flash of light My golden coat flew out of sight The colors faded into darkness I was left alone. Good luck with your production! Watch the movie trailer Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Hope this is of etchnicolor. Jacob was the founder of a whole new nation.

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Script

Potiphar was counting shekels in his den below the bedroom When he heard a mighty rumpus clattering above him Suddenly he knew his riches couldn’t buy him what he wanted Gold would never make him happy if she didn’t love him. NicolasassjonesJun 12, Pick a user name: Next the baker rose to tell his dream Hoping it would have a similar theme.

C’mon you know that kings ain’t stupid But I don’t have a clue So don’t be cruel Joseph You gotta help me now I beg of you. The Biblical saga of Joseph and his coat of many colours comes to vibrant life in this delightful parable.

So back in Canaan technkcolor future looked rough Joseph’s family were finding it tough. Way way back many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began Jacob lived in ajd land of Canaan, a fine example of a family man Jacob, Jacob and sons, depended on farming to earn their keep Jacob, Jacob and sons, spent all of their days in the fields with sheep.

Poor poor Joseph, sold to be a slave Situation’s grave, hey, sold to be a slave. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you.

There is no libretto available because there are no spoken words in the show. Joseph, you must help me further; I have found a job for you You shall lead us through this crisis — you shall be my number two.


Here is a link to the page of a supplier of both the full vocal score and an abridged vocal score further down the web page: You robbers — your little number’s up! A remarkable family in anyone’s book. I dreamed that in the fields one day, the corn gave me a sign Your eleven sheaves of corn all turned and bowed to mine My sheaf was quite a sight to see, a golden sheaf and tall Yours were green tecgnicolor second-rate and really rather small.

The light is dimming Ahand the dream is too. Way way back many centuries ago Not long after the Bible began Jacob lived in the land of Canaan A fine example of a family man Jacob, Jacob and sons. First the butler, trembling, took the floor Nervously he spoke of what he saw.

Help us build the largest writers community annd scripts collection on the web! You could be spies Telling me that you are hungry — that could be lies How do I know who you are? Well stone the crows, this Joseph is a clever kid Who’d have thought that fourteen cows could mean the things he said they did? When I got to try it on I knew my sheepskin days were gone.

I dreamed I saw eleven stars, the sun and moon and sky Bowing down before my star, it made me wonder why Could it be that I was born for higher things than you? And Joseph was my joy because. And ruby and olive and violet and fawn Ah. And their father couldn’t see the danger.

When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. But what makes us mad. They hide technicopor hopes and their heads in the sand. Through young Joseph, Jacob lived his youth again Chorus: I wore my coat with golden lining Bright colors shining, wonderful and new And in the east, the dawn was breaking And the world was waking Any dream will do.

Pharaoh told his guards to fetch a chisel from the local store Whereupon he ordered them to cut the chains that Joseph wore Joseph got a royal pardon and a host dreacmoat splendid things A chariot of gold, a cloak, a medal and some signet rings Joseph — Pharaoh’s number two Joseph — Egypt looks to you Seven summers on the trot were perfect just as Joseph said Joseph saw that food was gathered ready for the years ahead Seven years of famine followed. Could it be, could it be, could it possibly be — Benjamin?


Things look bad for you, hey, what’cha gonna do? Joseph’s coat was elegant the cut was fine Chorus: Please note that although similar, it does not match the published 60 minute vocal score. If my life were important I would ask will I live or die But I know the answers lie far from this world Close every door to me, keep those I love from me Children of Israel are never alone For I know I shall svript my own scropt of josep For I have been promised a land of my own.

Down at the other end of the scale Joseph is still doing time in jail For even though he is techniclor with the guards A lifetime in prison seems quite on the cards But if my analysis of the position is right At the end of the anv there’s a glimmer of light For all of a sudden indescribable things Have shattered the sleep of both peasants and kings Strange as it seems, there’s been scrit run of crazy dreams And a man who can interpret could go far — could become a star.

For the famine has caught us unprepared We are thin, we are ill, we are getting scared It’s enough to make anyone weep We are down to our very last sheep We will starve if we hang around here And in Egypt there’s food going spare They’ve got corn, they’ve got meat, they’ve got dreamoat and drinks And if we have the time we could see the Sphinx. In a hhe the dirty deed was done Silver coins for Jacob’s favorite son Then the Ishmaelites galloped off with a slave in scrript Off to Egypt where Joseph was not too keen to go It wouldn’t be a picnic he could tell.

But all that I say can be told another way In the story of a boy whose dreams came true And he could be you. Joseph wanted to resist her, till one day she proved too eager Joseph cried in vain.

Thanks for your vote! There’s one more angel in Heaven There’s one more star in the sky Joseph we’ll never forget you It’s tough but we’re dreamcaot get my There’s one less place at our table There’s one more tear in my eye But Joseph the things that you stood for Like scripy er, truth and light never die. Lock him in a cell!

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