[Drum] Johnny Rabb – The Official Freehand Technique. Uploaded by fogobr Johnny Rabb The Official Freehand Technique Drum for Drummers. Sheet music for Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD): buy online. Arrangement: Drums (DRUMS). Published by Hal Leonard, Hudson. Johnny Rabb, besides being a master drummer, is really known for what he calls the ‘Freehand Technique’, which allows you to play really fast notes with one.

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I haven’t learned the technique yet unfortunately, as there are things of more importance for my playing to practice at the moment.

Jeff Almeyda Senior Consultant. Find all posts by Snorbuckle. Find all posts by Ang. My son saw you play and proclaimed you his new favorite drummer.

Find all posts by GruntersDad.

I have started practicing your technique after I met you but somehow I gave up on it as I don’t have any purpose for it I also shoot videos. Find all posts by Wavelength. Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb from the metal side of things, I’ve tried it out in the “gravity blast” context as we tend to call it.


I really appreciate the feedback.

I think first you’ll have to deal with a bunch of fanboys before you can read any answer on the topic, LOL: Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb Hi again everyone! It got my confidence and speed up so much I went on to win the Grade 12 percussion award and many paid jobs in drumming tecnique to today.

Eventually after searching for a long time on youtube for different lessons and techniques I obviously came across one of your clinics and was astounded at the speed and control of this witch craft. I have always given Kenwood credit for the inspiration and have even spoken to him on the phone regarding the Freehand, etc.

I know there are many people that have there own opinions and I am not going to slam anyone. I was taught the basics of this technique in my first lesson with my new teacher about three weeks ago, and struggled to grasp it at the time. I said hey, and he just chuckled. It’s gabb honour to have you here! Send a private message to Wavelength.

You must be logged in to add an item to your wishlist. I love this site as well.


Johnny Rabb: The Official Freehand Technique (Book And CD)

Techniquee met Bernhard near the beginning of Drummworld’s launch. I met you on the Musicmesse Musik Produktiv a few years ago.

If so, where and how? Originally Posted by Johnny Rabb. GruntersDad Administrator – Mayor.

You’re a great guy and a phenomenal drummer!! When I was 16 I hit a real brick wall in my skill level and tge starting to fall behind the other cool drummers at school drummer popularity. Originally Posted by Johnny Rabb Hi again everyone! I have no idea where it came from but I saw you doing it first in a youtube video years ago.

The Official Freehand Technique by Johnny Rabb | Drum Set Book (Hudson Music)

I love Derek and Jojo’s playing like you could not believe. Description written by Michael Dooley. Send a private message to Duck Tape.