This is a transcription of the opening break to Trane’s solo over his composition ‘ Mr. PC’ (D minor blues for tenor saxophone (C minor for piano) as played on his. I can honestly say that studying this solo really unlocked the minor Transcription: Tommy Flanagan on Mr PC John Coltrane – Mr. P.C. This page lists solo transcriptions that are available somewhere on the Internet. John Coltrane, Mr. P.C., Giant Steps, Tenor, YouTube, Transcription by.

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Suspone page 234. Com Eb version is available.

Taking a Breath by the Poolside Scrapple From The Apple page 2. You Are Too Beautiful. Short Rack A la Intemperie. This was Astrid and Jeffery’s last score, other than Bohemian Rhapsody, before leaving to college. Transcription by Orazio Maugeri.


Moritat page 234. Transcription by Malo Vallois. I tried my best on the vocals, but Jeffery the guitarist arranger did a fantastic job at earing the rhythm and solos solp the song and also Astrid for adding the drums and the ghosts notes in.

All The Tea In China. And it swings like the clappers.

Seems Like Old Times. You are commenting using your Facebook account. MP3 file and C concert key versions are available. Go Pro Upload Log In. In A Sentimental Mood. Song For My Father.

Short solo analysis is available. Transcription by Giovanni Contri.

Solo Transcriptions (Sax)

On Green Dolphin Street page 23. Transcription transceiption Marco Guidolotti. Too Close For Comfort. Above the Clouds Day Wii, from an indie game Also see the comparison of all four takes. The Man I Love.

Sheet music | MuseScore

I Want To Be Happy. Transcription by Louis Gerritz. Notify me of new comments via email. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: EbC concert key versions, MP3 file,and solo analysis are available.


On Green Dolphin Street page 2. MP3 file is available,with a slowed down version. Blues Up And Down. Up From New Orleans.

Guess the Song, DaKook Edition is now complete. This is a transcription of the opening break to Trane’s solo over his composition ‘Mr. This way you connect your knowledge of harmony with the feel of each of the 12 keys of your instruments. To modify commercially To use commercially To share For personal use. Includes solos by Freddie Hubbard and Herbie Hancock. Jazz Medly for trombones williemac Blessed Are The Poor.

Every Man Is A King.