Free Essay: Jharna Software: The Move To Agile Methods 1. Create a process map of the software development process described in the. Jharna Software: The Move to Agile Methods. Front Cover. Indranil Bose. Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, – Agile software. Discuss the conditions that favor plan-based or agile software 3) Evaluate the full benefits and challenges of adopting the agile approach for Jharna software. The adoption and transition to new way of thinking should be.

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Since it is very sofware to maintain all the documents like the tracking mechanisms, reviews, project plans and feasibility studies during the iterative process, the document preparation is done later, after the Testing Stage is completed.

This advantage comes only with Agile processing since it imports object oriented methodology.

Jharna Software: The Move to Agile Methods – Indranil Bose – Google Books

Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. To attain the vision of speeding up the development process of the project, a new system needs be tbe such that it jharnw adaptable to change at the end of each stage.

This clashes with their initial vision of providing non bureaucratic and employee friendly organizational structure in the company compared to a bureaucratic environment that it is now.

Page count 1 page words. Ans Process Vision for the software development process: To concentrate on this we need to know when the project is divided into modules and when a team leader is allocated.

Speed up the development process of the project by reducing the time spent on finding the bugs during the integration stage, continuing with the employee-friendly human resource policies, providing high quality services to the customers along with maintaining high level of customer satisfaction. Even after the start of the project work, the clients still finalize on their system specifications. For software developers, the development time and effort to prepare the code minimises as the Agile contributes to the reuse of the code because of its object oriented nature.


Some of the things that we learn invalidate our design and we must backtrack. The redesigned process is an iterative approach which is clearly visible in the process map. The stages, project development and testing is considered as one section. Is the software development sofrware a good candidate for redesign? Ans a Process map of the redesigned software development process: The lack of proper documentation in Agile is also a constraint as there will be loss of knowledge.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay

Also, the Agile process has to be developed and implemented in the company gradually so that sofwtare the staff is adapted to the new system. Attached Appendix 1 With the help of the process map it is easy to understand how the process and the project work is divided in India as well as in US.

Even when project manager takes charge of requirement management, if is difficult to include the tracking documents of the requirement status in the redesigned process. We will write a custom essay sample on Jharna Software: This is the common problem that Jharna faces to implement, as once a stage is completed there is no going back.

If Jharna Software desires to continue to be successful then they need to focus on the vision they first envisioned i. As document plays an important role in the project, mentioning them in the process map helps the user to know more with lesser information.

In this way most of the stakeholders will be satisfied with the current arrangement. So, the software developers and the customers are most happy about the move to the agile process. So, to satisfy them the traditional waterfall approach can be considered. The move to Agile Methods. Institute for Software Research, University of California, p. The process map represents the sequential way in which the all the tasks are carried out based on the project rather on the routine process in the organization.


Considering Jharna Software, it is noticeable that from the early days, Jharna software has given prior importance to high quality and low-cost service products. Redesign the software development process around this approach, and provide the following: Utmost care should be taken when implementing the Agile process while still following the traditional approach.

This should be immediately put to end by bringing out a way to complete the same volume of work with lesser time involved.

Support your vision by describing what Jharna software needs to do well in order to be successful. Sometimes, after the requirements are gathered, the team members might not have knowledge about the implementation problems during the design and construction stage. Suppose that Khan moves to an agile development approach. If Khan follows each step properly with the help from their clients, then I think this combinational approach would be a good success.

So, parallel executing of the appropriate concepts of both the waterfall method and the agile process Extreme Programming should be considered. Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Bibliography Scacchi, W. As we discussed in class, there are many methods available for process mapping.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay Example | Graduateway

Highly skilled teams are important and thus they should continue to provide their employees with good environment and all other facilities. This support fully encourages the redesigning to be implemented confidently. The process map should also indicate how the project is initiated with the help of project manager. So, at Jharna a lot of time is spent to redesign or work from start on xoftware project.

In this process map, the rectangle represents a process, the parallelogram diamond represents a decision, the oval symbol represents the start and end of a terminal and the paper symbol represents the document.