: Milkweed (): Jerry Spinelli: Books. Milkweed and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more. A powerful novel of identity and survival in the Warsaw Ghetto. A boy grows up under Nazi occupation: He lives by stealing and finds few friends and many. Complete summary of Jerry Spinelli’s Milkweed. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Milkweed.

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How does Misha feel when he is included in the celebration? I really liked this book. Later she marries Misha and lives with him for five months before she leaves, pregnant with his child.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Apr 03, Thea Guanzon rated it liked it. I’m fascinated by people’s stories- real or fiction. Families can talk about the real-life events that led to the circumstances described in the story. Why are Uncle Shepsel and Mrs.

Of angels and oranges

Retrieved 17 March And, if the war ever ends and life returns to normal, you see why, if you’ve always been a homeless thief, there is no normal to return to. Identity is a key theme in Milkweed. Why does Misha have a difficult time remaining invisible? How does he deal with it?

I had seen the picture of her execution in a number of books over the years. I would venture that this is a read alike for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Sign in or join to save for later. This is the first Jerry Spinelli book that I have read. I found it extremely fascinating because it is in the perspective of a naive boy in every senseand as a reader you see him survive and develop as a character in a cruel world.


I loved, loved this book. September 13, Publisher’s recommended age s: But throughout, it seemed that the author wanted to have it both ways – to write someone who is oblivious to everything except whatever facts the author felt he needed to advance the story. In this story, though, it only erases any potential of the narrator to be convincing or compelling.

He is adopted by a once well-off Jewish family who give him their family name to replace the made-up Gypsy name, and whose daughter, Janina, becomes his “sister”.

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli | : Books

He makes a friend in Warsaw, a little girl who is Jewish. Spinelli packs a lot into this book, but he employs his usual sparse writing style and doesn’t draw a lot of attention to the bad stuff. He steals food to survive and has zero awareness of what is going on in his little world outside of the speeding images that he runs past daily. Jerry Spinelli began writing when he was 16 — not much spinellii than the hero of his When Jerry Spinelli was a kid, he wanted to grow up to be either a cowboy or a baseball player.

What millkweed it really interesting is that readers catch a glimpse of Misha as an adult. I made my bookseller happy by buying a load of books. It broke his heart. I was a bit put off at first, but now that I’ve finished the book I think it serves the story well. This story feeds into the fact that victims need to be better, stronger, faster, more clever, etc – and if they are, they can outsmart their abusers.

So I do not, personally, find it hard to believe that this innocence or lack of knowledge occured even during the WWII Era with the Jews. Uri became a soldier and made sure Misha did not get on the trains headed for the concentration camps.


How are Misha and Janina like Hansel and Gretel? Nobody assigned me to write a poem after the game. His style of writing is one of my absolute mulkweed.

Milkweed Book Review

He was so loyal and loving he kept walking beside the tracks to find her until a farmer got him. Read it Forward Read it first.

Spinelli’s prose in this one contains little of the eloquent fluidity I remember so well from Stargirl; the style is choppier, more minimali Hmm, I don’t know. You start believing in bread, in running, in angels. Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels?

Milkweed Reader’s Guide

Offbeat, moving tale of coping with grief. Every one stayed for the book. Misha is the main character, but if you are more into side characters that’s fine too. By the end, it becomes clear that he is an old man looking back to his childhood. Survival for everyone was hard during WWII. This book just makes you want to dive into the book and help each one of the characters.

How did you decide on the names of the characters? Although they are hungry and grieving, the Milgroms still celebrate Hanukkah—even after their silver menorah has been stolen.