How Doctors Think has ratings and reviews. Kirsti said: Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or a loved one:*. The same shortcuts that help physicians save lives can also lead to grave errors. Jerome Groopman on the psychology of diagnosis. In this myth-shattering book, Jerome Groopman pinpoints the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make. Groopman explores why doctors.

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Anne thought she had already explained this, that it all was detailed in her records. One woman adopted a child from Israel who immediately became very sick and was diagnosed as having an immunity deficiency hiw.

How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman

I found most frustrating the medical stories. Apr 20, Book Concierge rated it liked it Shelves: Physicians are open about the way and the analytical methods they use in deliniating the final diagnosis.

He carefully delineates how each physician came to their consclusion and this is the type of thinking we need to engage in. She was hospitalized four times in in a mental health facility so she could try to gain weight under supervision. He learns from his mistakes. I could be wrong, of course, but we need to be sure, given how frail you are and how much you are suffering. The more expert clinician would be better in diagnosisbut – unfortunately- due to the more ‘stereotypes’ they had!

Every doctor makes mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. But overall I think this book could be read by anyone This book was very easy for me to read and stay jeroome in. On average, a physician will interrupt a patient describing her symptoms within eighteen seconds.

Occom’s razor, the idea that the simplest solution is best, or that all symptoms need to lead to one unifying diagnosis, is not always true. Health care providers tend to be controlling, and when we are given thibk diagnosis that shakes us to our core we need some control.


Ultimately she turned out to be suffering from severe celiac disease. Further on, he describes how pharmaceutical advertising exploits these cognitive tendencies. Jan 25, Kirsti rated it really liked it Shelves: She was exhausted from endless evaluations.

How doctors think

When diagnosing, not only doctors do this! You need to work with them and force them to communicate their thinking. These children developed right heart failure and clinically they became worse.

I also thing that he did not take into account one major thing — disbelief of the patient. Similarly, a movement is afoot to base all treatment decisions strictly on statistically proven data. Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or groopkan loved one: We understand a little more completely the real-life drama that physicians face in their mistakes and when their diagnosis is ejrome on.

Aug 02, Sue rated it it was amazing Groopmah it for: I plan to read it again in a few years.

It illustrates the importance of the patient-doctor relationship in the aspects of psychological well being, diagnosis, and treatment of patients. Thin, propose to operate, saying, “I’ll figure it out when I get in there. His calm made it seem as though he had all the time in the world.

Oct 17, Christine rated it really liked it Shelves: Now was not the time to break down. Her clasped hands tightened.

But today’s rigid reliance on evidence-based medicine risks having the doctor choose care passively, solely by the numbers. And it’s close to three thousand.

How doctors think

Deductive reasoning doesn’t work for every case. How a doctor thinks about a person or their opinion on someone can easily lead to a mistake in diagnosis or treatment.


When he began to discuss Anne Dodge’s case, he sat up in his chair as if a jolt of electricity had passed through him. Only after all the data are compiled should you formulate hypotheses about what might be wrong. How Doctors Think is organized around a series of interviews of physicians mostly in a var How Doctors Think s is a smart yet accessible book that could be usefully read by patients and their families, as well as by physicians who want to become more effective at their job.

Now she was tumbling forward, swept along as she had been as a child on Cape Cod when a powerful wave caught her unawares. Her internist had told her that Dr. This naive idea arises, as do so many other wrong beliefs about primary care, because of the concept that doctors take care of diseases. Anne Dodge told me she was both elated and a bit dazed.

But Groopman well illustrates this point through research, anecdote and personal experience–including his own as both doctor and patient. No trivia or quizzes yet. I felt that if I became more aware of my own way of thinking, particularly its pitfalls, I would be a better caregiver.

Jerome Groopman The Patient: She was taking anti-nausea medication that had greatly reduced the frequency of her vomiting but did not help the diarrhea. The book begins with a description of a woman with abdominal symptoms who for years was diagnosed with a series of functional and mental disorders, including bulimia.