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3 years of use! I have tried many models, they are pregnant references. Properly used they sound Hifi. Excellent choice for an orchestra, sets in. · · · · · · A. pdf · · · · · · Thank you for purchasing the JBL ES Digital Controller, one of the most .. A. A. A. A. A*. SRN. K Caution: The system.

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By horseshead in forum Lansing Product General Information.

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New speakers in the house, JBL A. All times are GMT Bought them emty last year. The handling is really terrible because there are only two handles. I’m sure you love them. Although older, the is still solid.

I have thought about using them [ Similiar system planned for my house! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Hi, i own four JBL Better top with and good slam with double I have various ideas on what possible build projects they might become useful for.

If you have four of these, the 2×15 reflex cabinet makes a good sound for a modest size. I have not decided on the final crossover design quite yet.


Anyone have experience with these? Wheels is useful if you want to move them around! This page was generated in 0.

Unfortunately not very powerfull jbk to nowadays power ratings. I really think us doing mega watt rigs, just to achieve the same old dB ish, admitedly 20HzKhz, perhaps, rather than the 80’s 40HzKhz, is somewhat daft.

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I have 471 ‘s in the big 2×15 scoop cabinet,the ,and they sound amazing,but is obviously not a practical proposition for small live gigs! Jbbl mine are from So just use a smaller, lighter, cheaper amplifier!! JBL H – What to use them for? Some components are not original but more up to date i think. I wouldn’t use them for bass-end, it would be a waste and there are better drivers these days for that.

47771 know it is an older driver and they have been succeeded by the of which I have some installed in JBL cabsbut I think they still 47771 a solid driver. Earplugs Are For Wimps! The time now is Old School efficiency is something I hanker after; waving my willy over megawatts of amp racks is all very well and good, but if I can wander in with a small amp rack, run off a 13A plug top, and still get db, is the modern way of doing things that clever?


Quite a few clubs in 80’s had ‘s installed in these cabinets. A friend of mine have a container i pensylvania going to sweden in october. JBL describe without the H in the technical manual as a high power two-way full-range system One speaker: Wouldn’t want to be ya’lls neighbor.

New speakers in the house, JBL A

Less power in, means less power dissipating as heat, too. What do you have to power this speaker with? Can use thinner, cheaper, lighter cables too for W, rather than enough copper for W. I have done some simulations in WinISD, and it seems in a modest size cab, they will perform quite well, though not playing excessively deep bass, it will be tight at least.

Does the suit jbbl style cabs? They are for keeps. They seem too be rather common in Denmark were i found mine. I will import it from the US, much cheaper.

Power needed there is usually less and most of the time more controlled.