is restricted. The magnetic assembly of the H incorporates JBL’S unique. Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG), which reduces second har- monic distortion to. Wanting low distortion and clear hifi -purpose sound from an JBL H, what would be the best dividing frequency? Between to hz. Subwoofer JBL H. General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs=50 Hz.

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Amps and Accessories For Sale: Posted 6 Apr 6: This is from one of those “storage locker” buy outs like you see on TV. Replacing the stock paper dust cover with an aluminum dome would push jbll frequency response upwards a bit to more closely match that of the D and K series 12″ speakers.

JBL 2202H Recone Kit

It is great for mids has a nice vintage sound. It is massive for a 12″ here are some specs watt continuous woofer 8ohm 4″ voice coil 60hz to hz frequency range 99 DB Sensitivity rating 220h 1 watt.

Posted 5 Apr No additional accessories are included!

As far as keeping them on end goes, I have seen older woofers in cabinets jhl were always in the same orientation and they definitely sag. The fellow also had a JBL K that was in rough shape and it did not have a silver cone but a fabric cone so I passed on that one.


The published response curve is 60Hz to 4kHz, as opposed to the published 50Hz to 6kHz of a K, although the measurement paradigm was changed in the interim. We have a full line drum shop, pro audio department, an in house full service tech shop with over 80 years of combined experience, and a constantly changing and new stock of used gear. This speaker has been fully tested and is fully functional.

JBL H 12″ Aftermarket Recone Kit – Speaker Exchange

This hbl is rated Watts at 8 Ohms. All items are sold with Ebay’s 14 day refund policy unless otherwise specified. Here is a link for more specs from Jbl http: Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable owner and equally qualified supporting cast. Comes exactly as pictured.

Unless pictured or in the item description. Finally mount the tweeter directly over the mid and there you go.

Between to hz? Our business grows exponentially every year. The response curve itself is fabulously smooth and distortion extremely low. Nothing fancy, JBL recommended pair of separate 5 cu ft boxes tuned to 29Hz. And recommended box size for that application, sealed enclousure — Wanting low distortion and clear hifi -purpose sound from an JBL H, what would be the best dividing frequency?


And recommended box size for that application, sealed enclousure Going to check out speakers tomorrow so I will update. Anyone have experience with this speaker or if I buy them will them will they make better flower pots than speakers? Posted 3 Apr 1: It would be nice to design your system so there aren’t any inductors in the LF at all.

Continue to store or sell the extra bits.

JBL 2202H 2202-h 12″ Midrange Low Frequency Speaker 300w 8 Ohm

Sometimes this offset becomes permanant, killing the ability of the speaker to deliver linear cone travel. We guarantee your satisfaction! All times are GMT That information would be nice to know.

You will receive the speaker pictured.