Official website of Central Japan Railway Company. related to our company and service and be ready for your visitation to Japan. Tokaido Shinkansen. Japan has an extensive and efficient train network; however, without an intimate knowledge of the system, its complexity can make it difficult to. About the Japanese high speed trains Shinkansen (Bullet trains). A list of online timetable resources and explanations on how to use them.

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For peace of mind seat reservations are always recommended, especially when traveling in groups and preferring to sit together. According to the rules book, each traveler is allowed to bring up to two pieces of luggage onto a train not including small bagswith each piece not weighting more than 30 kilograms and not measuring more fimetable centimeters when adding up width, height and depth.

To do so, you need to uncheck the following from the Advanced Search Options: Most shinkansen trains are served by small food carts with a selection of snacks, drinks and boxed meals bento which periodically pass along the aisle. Thank you for your feedback. They can be made in various ways:.

At a ticket counter Seat reservations can be made in person at ticket offices of all major JR stations across Japan. Japan Rail Pass holders cannot use vending machines to make seat reservations.

A fee of a few hundred yen applies for making seat reservations. Let us know Shinkanse strive to keep Japan Guide up-to-date and accurate, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Fares will be subtracted from the IC card’s balance.

Neither Tokyo nor Shinagawa are interesting places to stay except for a short layover. Japan Rail Pass holders cannot use the automatic gates, but have to show their pass to the staff at the manned gate.

Normally the different between reserved and unreserved is a few hundred to a K yen so always go for reserved seat if possible. A passenger typically receives two pieces of tickets a base fare ticket and a supplement ticketalthough in some situations the two tickets are timetabke into a single ticket. The Shinkansen Tour Cheapest way to travel Japan. Japan has an extensive and efficient train network ; however, without an intimate knowledge of the system, its complexity can make it difficult to figure out an efficient route.


HyperDia | Timetable and Route Search in Japan.

Wireless internet is currently already available on all the newest train sets between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka, however, a subscription or 1-day pass has to be purchased before boarding the train. Tsukiji Market Information Are there any tattoo restrictions in Japan? Return the seat to its original position before exiting the train. Pass holders will receive a seat reservation ticket that indicates the reserved seat.

Unfortunately, comprehensive printed English timetables are not widely available, however some rail companies print booklets and pamphlets of sjinkansen for selected routes.

Before you can use an IC card on these shinkansen trains, the card has to be registered at a ticket machine for this service, which is known as the “Touch de Go” service. Seat reservations can be made for free at ticket counters.

Thank you for your feedback. See All Japan Conversations. JR West Official website.

Shinkansen timetable – Japan Forum

JR Hokkaido Official website. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Similar to the nationwide Japan Rail Pass, there are numerous regional passes that also shinaknsen some shinkansen trains.

Both nationwide timetables as well as those covering a specific region or railway company are available. Try not to block the aisle when storing your luggage and taking your seat to allow for quick boarding. An additional supplement yen depending on distance traveled applies for using reserved seats on NozomiMizuhoHayabusa and Komachi trains.

Shhinkansen reservations allow you to secure a seat and travel with peace of mind. Furthermore, an English app is available to users in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States for purchasing tickets for the Tokaido – Sanyo Shinkansen the app cannot be used by pass holders for making seat reservations, though.

Signs and announcements inside the trains are multilingual Japanese and English on all shinkansen lines; plus Korean and Chinese on selected lines and inform about upcoming stations. Note also that Japan Rail Pass users will not be able to use this system to make seat reservations. Hyperdia Thanks to its English interface and flexible search options, Hyperdia is the best route finder website available to travelers.


Shinkansen timetable – Japan Forum – TripAdvisor

At the regular ticket gates, insert only your base fare ticket into the ticket slot, pass the gate and retrieve your ticket at the other end. Japan Rail Pass holders can make seat jaoan for free. Seats can be reclined and have tables, pockets for magazines and open overhead shelves. Hyperdia is also a powerful tool for Seishun 18 Kippu users.

Anything we can improve?

Timetables, Route Maps, and Station Maps

The routes that Hyperdia produces are fairly straightforward to understand, as long as you know a few of the symbols. Shinkansen supplement limited express fee The supplement fee to be paid for using a shinkansen train as opposed to a local train. On many trains reserved seats do not get booked out, but on some they do.

To check the unreserved seat shjnkansen look at sbinkansen box on the right column and it has three row: Line up on the platform before boarding. How can we access tourist attraction from cruise port? Route finders allow you to find transportation routes between any sinkansen train stations in Japan. Outside the toilets are wash corners with sinks and large mirrors. Clicking the SearchDetails button will open the advanced search options where you can further refine your search.

On all other shinkansen lines, smoking is not possible. JR Kyushu Official website. Destination Expert for Hong Kong, Osaka.

Shinkansen fares are discounted by yen when using this service and are charged to the registered credit card rather than subtracted from the IC card’s balance.

Links to timetable websites A list of online timetable resources and explanations on how to use them.