Titre d’un poème de P. Celan, Schibboleth sert ici de fil conducteur pour la lecture de celui que l’on considère comme l’un des plus grands poètes de langue . Schibboleth: Für Paul Celan. Front Cover. Jacques Derrida. Passagen-Verlag, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Schibboleth. Schibboleth: para Paul Celan by Jacques Derrida, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Trivia About Schibboleth Pour On the nature of date, calendar as both return and effacement in a circular rather than tabular structure: I took the position you’re aware of, with De L’Esprit, where I tried not only simply to ascribe all of Heidegger’s actions to what you have called “spiritualization,” a certain spiritual humanism, the reference to the cshibboleth.

From Socrates to Freud and Beyondtrans. Derrida, Celan, and the Covenant of the Word.

Interview With Professor Jacques Derrida, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

We are therefore redirecting you to what we hope will be a useful landing page. How could English and French diplomacy go along, before the War, I mean?

He was judged for that, and as for me, my concern is not to exonerate him of this responsibility. Shawna rated it it was amazing Feb 03, There is always this risk, and that is the ambiguity of the concept of archive, that I’ve been concerned with elsewhere, one always runs the risk of losing one keeps and of forgetting precisely where memory is objectivized in acts of consignment, in objective places.

Naturally, we won’t be able in a one-hour televised interview to take into account or to take charge of the full philosophical difficulty of the problems you raise.

Schibboleth : para Paul Celan : Jacques Derrida :

But that is another subject. But even more than the re-conception of difference, and perhaps more importantly, deconstruction works towards preventing the worst violence. But I did go, and I have spoken a great deal about these questions. How are they to be explained? But why this metonymy?


The conference I was just referring to constitutes an element within a wider trend, perhaps a necessary phase, in the Israeli public’s self-reflection. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

But, in any case, since you mention Anglo-American things, I think that, in the short time we have, at least two features should be emphasized. Unless there is a connection, in your question I think that as we were saying a little while ago of French culture, Israeli culture has its own evolutionary time.

It is at the same time nagging, as is the question of knowing if one should turn only towards the Holocaust or any holocaust, with all the problems of metonymy and exemplarity we spoke of at the beginning. Nevertheless, I will try not to dodge the questions and the invitation given me. And it is possible that one day, and one thinks of this with horror, Yad Vashem will be considered as just another monument.

This question is not closed; I see it, even today, being launched again in a new way, notably in France. I’m aware that my formulation is not tight enough.

Acts of Literature New York and London: Do you think that this openness, addressed to a thinker which was marginalized for so long, in connected somewhat with the response addressed to you?

And then, little by little, here, like in France, what was repressed could be liberated, the political situation changes, and I believe that today, in fact, Israel can speak more easily than before of the things it associates with Nazi violence, or with violence against the Jews in general, from German things to Spinoza etc. This is a rather strong position. It is not only a question of chronological contemporaneity; the time span from one generation to the next, that is to say, twenty five, thirty years, is also a time of the work of mourning, a time during which the personal, the collective and the political unconscious works, and we know that with such monstruous traumas time means a great deal.


Schibboleth Pour Paul Celan

History of Western Philosophy. So, it must be emphasized schibbolegh disinterest in the Holocaust often co-habits in American academic culture, probably for reasons of a bad conscience, with a prosecutorial attitude towards the least offence committed by European intellectuals, as the deerida Man or the Heidegger affairs have revealed, that is to say that the Americans, who were basically strangers to what happened in Europe, well, far away, American intellectuals and professors are often de-politicized, unlike many European intellectuals, they are shut up in their academic institutions, and they don’t have any space for political intervention, and very often, all too schibholeth are not interested even in the politics of their own country: In there were great debates in the French press and intellectual circles about this recently-adopted law.

University of Nebraska Press, ; Memoires: For me the question of the name, that is of the singularity of this event, has always remained suspended, open, has always been a matter for debates, even disagreements with many of my contemporaries, contemporary philosophers. Sign in Create an account. Is it a philosophy of a survivor?

Zchibboleth Pasanen – – Research in Phenomenology 36 1: We might have chosen other examples.

Kevin Holden rated it it was amazing Jan 30, To answer the last question, I wouldn’t say that Heidegger’s attitude is neither forgivable nor unforgivable. But I am talking too much.