Original Australian numbering (1 through 7) for this series is also published in North America with a different numbering (some single book. Isobelle Carmody’s ‘blissful separation’ from the Obernewtyn Chronicles. Monica Tan. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a. Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn Chronicles) [Isobelle Carmody] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It was annoying and repeatedly took me out of the story because I had to stumble through a main character’s conversations.

The story begins at Kinraide orphan home, where she and her brother Jes live, before moving briefly through Sutrium, the capital, and the countryside. It’s a 7 part series and it would be extremely dull if she reached her extremes at the first one.

Still, overall an enjoyable YA fantasy read and I will be continuing the series. The main character, Elspeth Gordie, seemed realistic enough; an emotionally distant child suffering the pain of losing her parents, spending her childhood in a variety of orphanages and possessing powers she has to keep secret.

The Obernewtyn Chronicles Series by Isobelle Carmody

There were so many more instances, and not all of them related to Elspeth’s powers. Welches ja nicht ganz so abwegig erscheint. In fact, if it weren’t for this problem, the previous two isobelle wouldn’t be so prominent.

Those who are discovered to have mutations at birth were burnt and those whose abilities had become evident until older were condemned as Misfits and sent to harsh Council farms.

The Obernewtyn Chronicles Series

As you can probably tell from the 1-star rating, I found this book unequivocally awful. The book does bear the subtle marks of a first novel, and one originally written when Carmody was 14 – no matter how many times you re-write and edit a first book, it tends to read less smoothly than later works. I know it’s a nit picky thing, but I think I’m entitled to not getting an apostrophe headache every time I turn the page.


Oh, so you need people to think that your misfit abilities is a product of contamination and not something you suffered from birth?

Everyone is to be regarded with suspicion–you never know who might be an informer, and you definitely do not want to be associated with obernwwtyn Misfit.

Once I picked it up I often had trouble putting it down – even though I knew what was coming next. I knew then that I had decided to trust the boy and his blind companion. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

A fine example is near the climax, when the narrator learns the truth about another character. I first read this book in primary school – when I was in, what, grade 5 or 6. Like I was waiting all my obernetyn for them. The series’ protagonistElspeth Gordie, is a young girl with mental powers condemned by the series’ main antagoniststhe governing body known as the Council, and the religious authority, the Herder Faction. The series debut, Obernewtyn, was first published inand now thousands of pages of high-adventure, tense battle scenes and sea-swept romance later Carmody has released the seventh and final book, the longest yet at 1, pages.

That’s what reading Obernewtyn the first time felt like, like being reunited with someone dear to you. Elspeth is young and is sent to a ‘farm’ for misfits, where she discovers there are others like her with their own powers. Elspeth, plagued by nightmares, begins to feel there is a carrmody secret underneath their everyday tasks.


Elspeth has enhanced mental abilities and must conceal them in order to avoid being discovered as a Misfit. This is not as much on its merits as on the fact that over the past decade or 2 the YA novel industry has been churning these thinly veiled harlequins at a high rate. Forgive my daggy second edition pictured here, it is the least attractive cover of them all I believe it has gone through about five covers by now, a new one each time a new book is released – bear with me and I’ll try and convince you how awesome this book, and the series, really is.


I had high expectations for it – which probably just added to my disappointment. Jul 15, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: The books that follow Obernewtyn become very descriptive so I would suggest if you enjoy this first book continue with the rest, you will be well rewarded.

After following Will and his mates in their escape to the White Mountains, I decided to continue my dystopian adventure with Elspeth’s exile to another mountain, Obernewtyn.

I was interested in the world Carmody was building, especially after obernewttyn first few pages. The Obernewtyn Chronicles 8 books. The beast language also runs words together to form a single word, examples include freerunningstrongmindedgladshieldmoonwatcherdaywatcherand fireheart.

Between Elspeth, Matthew, and Dameon, they knew each other’s secret abilities — which may prove fatal for one another if one was captured. You will, as I did, read late into the night.

It’s not so much the visual indicator of their speech pattern that bothered me; as it definitely helped me to “hear” their accent, but it was the frequency with which it was used that was Arrrrrg. Originally Posted on Guy Gone Geek.