IRFS3107 – 7 PDF

IRFSPPBF Infineon Technologies MOSFET 75V 1 N-CH HEXFET Infineon Technologies IRFSPPBF CoolMOS™ 7 Superjunction MOSFETs. manufacturer’s name, IRFSPPBF. case, D²Pak. max. drain-source voltage [V], max. continuous drain current TC = 25°C [A], max. drain-source. IRFS reel – Xtron · Yuasa · Zettler electronics · Zilog. IRFS reel. power-mosfets View larger. power-mosfets IRFS reel IRFSTRL7PP.

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Would you mind posting some more information about it such as bill of irgs3107, eagle files and arduino sketches. Hi Caio, Thanks for the kind words. Many tires have a quite flat profile and good threads so it might work, and then I could use much smaller diameter, smoother tires as the drive wheels.

I’ve been thinking of using a mountain bike tire with the side walls removed instead of a timing belt as a track. This one’s not mine, okay? Oh, and it runs on an Arduino. I’m a student from Brazil, irfs307 to build a DC-motor controller as you have done but for a different application: Shane Colton August 25, at Maybe it also makes me more careless about power-side layout, though If it survives some more abuse testing, I’ll post the design files so you can try it out yourself.


I irfs3017 looking for schematic first and then suddenly curios TKP. What I was thinking of doing sometime is modify my firmware to make a dual brushed irf3107 control mode – that would make for a very versatile controller.

IRFS 3107-7 reel

I hope you’ve been able to figure out the issue and get your gate driver working! Didn’t read it through. Did I forget to mention irfs310 Newer Post Older Post Home. I mean the high side, is it should be a P-Channel mosfet?

Shane Colton: Victor

Caio May 31, at 5: Well, I made my PCB, with irfx3107 the gate resistors, reverse diodes coupled with the Mosfets, pull-down resistors attached to gate-source pins, but I’m facing a heating problem in the HIP: Hope you were able to get it working, though! It would be a very small present compared to all the cool info you share!

Aside from the fact that I soldered four out of six diodes in backwards the first time, the controller so far seems to work. Sometime soon Rifs3107 might try designing a higher power controller and then I will revisit all these considerations.

Shane Colton July 7, at Shane Colton January 24, at 5: BTW, I think you could have pulled off making this controller without any isolation and maybe also faster switching speeds thus less switching losses and less parts count. Also, additionnal power capacitor bypassing for high frequencies would be crucial when trying to switch your FETs faster – cheap MLCC’s are really great for this. I’ve tested it on a bunch of motors with no problems so far.


For now, here’s the full schematic:. Kevin April 77, at 3: Hi is it possible to post the design files to a working link?

Okay, so I know I said that one of the best things about building a brushed DC motor-based snow scooter was that for just this once I irfe3107 not have to design a motor controller for the project Monday, January 10, Victor It’s silly question btw. If I do try this out and it works I’ll send you a photo I’ll probably post it on the endless sphere ebike forum – http: I burned up several motors with it, so it seems it wasn’t the weakest link up irfw3107 about A for irsf3107 durations.

I get what you’re saying about isolation and ground noise. I love those multi-source pin FETs too, but achieving good cooling is a bit harder with them than with regular FETs, which is why I don’t use them.