ILFORD WASHAID is a hypo-eliminator formulated to aid the efficient removal of the thiosulphate by-products of fixation by ion exchange. It is particularly useful. Ilford states that their Washaid can be used with prints and film. Has anyone used it with film? What exactly does it do? The information on their. Hello, I recently purchased a bottle of Ilford Wash Aid to act as a hyper cleaning agent after using the fixer. I used to use Kodak Hyper.

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Wheelman Posted 11 years ago. Fill and dump the tank a few times and you are really good to go. Personally, I’ve never found the need for a wash-aid with negs.

Yes fix can be used more than once. A fixer like F24 actually washes out of the ipford pretty easily.

Film, Paper, Chemistry ‘ started by bvyAug 4, Or it’s all the same? And I think I’ll go washaie running water, as it says in the manual for Washaid. What about developer and Ilfostop?

So the lifetime of a developer is your most concerning factor. Just my 2 cents. Save Cancel Drag to set position! You have to compensate for the temperature according the given temperature table to keep the same density. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from I wouldn’t use any other wash aid This is the perfect wash aid for black and white film.


Instructions say for the final wash it’s 1 minute of fresh running water, then minutes of Washaid, then 5 more minutes of running water. Too much different parameters. It’s more difficult to control the temperature at 24degC in the UK, particularly in the colder months, but I always use a water bath and allow the bottles and tank to stand in there for a while before processing begins.

Your name or email address: Place your order by 5pm and your order will ship the same day. I got more questions though! We are talking about a few pennies worth of water and I personally err on the side of caution by running about 4 gallons of water through the tank.

That has to do with qashaid log D curve of your film and the C. I use 20 degC for developing times up to perhaps 15 minutes and 24 degC for those that would be longer, e.

Ilford Washaid

I don’t use a hardening fixer and it’s probably the most important bit. Yes, bubbling is a fact, it will do that, kinda like soap, it is in a way like that, it is a cleaner for your negs, so it is almost like a soap in that way, but I found a good jlford to do it that you washaaid have a problem.

But next time I will, now that I know what I’m doing already. See any errors on this page? In Europe the EU law requires that the tap water company publish their lab results on the internet which is very easy so see all the water specs on: Be the first to review this item. A lot of things are involved by this: The soapy stuff is a wetting agent Photo Flo etc.


Aug 5, 7. It did say how long the solution lives 7 daysbut that’s it. Good to know it’s not a big issue. Curious how many of you use a wash aid as a regular step in your black and white film processing. Edited by Voxphoto member 11 years ago. Comming back on one of above remarks: I didn’t use Washaid this time, because it seemed like I was already joggling too many jugs with chemicals there.

Ilford Wash Aid-problem | Photography Forums

Stock solutions made from powder developers can be best stored in glass bottles, due to the minimum diffusion. I didn’t know that the latitude of temperatures is not that important at the washing stage.

However you can speed up your film wash when using it to get rid of the fixer in your film emulsion. All developers are going to oxidize and at some point they will not work anymore.

In Stock Update Location close. No, create an account ilfford.

I was wondering if any other members experienced this? I think I’ll stick to inverting method for the wash.