igus® energy chains overview: shop with a wide selection of energy chains and energy tubes, The e-chain® catalogue can be downloaded directly online!. E-Chain® Catalogue pages with an overview of the igus® E-ChainSystems®: 5 . Separators for the adaptation of the interior separation in the cable layout. Dirt-proof. Drag chain with chip protection, single-sided swivelling, medium sizes; versatile, modular, interior separation. To the energy chains catalogue.

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Solutions for long travels and special solutions.

Simple assembly by means of a small number of different components. Online tools Overview of all online tools for energy chains.

Additional strength and higher fill weights possible. Light weight and cable-friendly interior. Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce the number of purchasing options, parts list items, number of contact persons and the amount of installation effort to the absolute minimum.

e-chains® online shop – long-lasting energy chains for your application

RX tubes — extremely swarf-resistant New design: Small, lightweight and cost-effective. To P4 system shop. Low vibration and very lightweight. Consulting I would be happy to answer your questions personally.


By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. Monday to Friday from 7 am – 8 pm.

General overview of e-chain systems®

To the rotary modules shop. Rubber-tyred robot cranes are automatically coupled to an energy chain system.

Have a question on a project? Modular system for complex movement. They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel igux, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components. Dirt-proof E2 tubes These fully enclosed cable carriers protect cables and hoses from chips and flying debris. To the 3D CAD portal. Older energy chains are also available on a permanent basis. In this way, drga necessary changes can be simply made when systems are expanded, for example.

Our smart plastics help to make it possible to monitor the plant in Austria. By using this website you agree to cafalogue use of cookies. To the E2 micro shop. To the e-rover coupling shop. E2 mini — small and medium sizes Single and two-piece energy chains, 18 to 41mm inner heights.

Here, two robots were equipped with a wide range of guided cables and hoses involving complex geometric design.


Cable carriers for moving applications

Openable from both sides, also as e-tube. Saturdays from 8 am- 12 pm. High strength and easy accessibility thanks to hinged crossbars. Rapid assembly and cable-friendly.

To the ESD shop.

FTA floating moving end Compensation of parallel errors in the case of long travels. Inner heights of 32 to 80mm. To the autoglide shop. Low-vibration, high speed and acceleration.

Overview of E benefits. The dust generated here can be directly sucked away. Engine factory smart plastics in use A finished engine every 14 seconds. Easily hinged open darg one side along the inner or outer radius, medium sizes.

More information on energy chains. Three versions of energy chains: Low vibration, wear resistant, for highly dtag applications. To the E1 shop. To the cleanroom shop. TechTalk – technical articles. The longest travel with plastic energy chain.