Ida Scudder was born in , in Ranipet, Madras Presidency, India. In , her family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and. Ida Scudder wanted to leave hot, overcrowded India for the good life. If asked to define the good life, she would have replied, “America and marriage to a. In John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the.

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Thousands of women had been mobilized to raise money to support medical missions for women in India, and the thought of sharing all they had worked so hard for with the men was unthinkable. Scudder of Vellore, India. Skeptical males said she would be lucky to get three applicants; actually she had the first yearoda had to turn many away subsequently. Scudder’s medical work in India was particularly significant in that it provided educational opportunities for women and increased the accessibility of medical care to women in bioggraphy area.

I could not sleep that night—it was too terrible. She traveled a number of times to the United States to raise funds for the college and hospital, raising a total in the millions. When the nursing school opened, she was deluged with applicants, and her first bioggaphy class and ranked high in the government exams.

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Of the nine who survived to adulthood, seven became missionaries, most of them specializing in medicine like their father. By providing for the education of locals in medical techniques, she assured the continuance of health care in the area around Idx and released it from reliance on itinerant doctors and the presence of missionaries from foreign countries. Her husband agreed to accept responsibility for her, and for a quarter of a century after he died she continued on in the work.

Building a nursing school for women became her all-consuming goal. She died, aged 89, schdder her bungalow. From then on, fund-raising became an important part of her ministry.


In the midst of the ravages of war, he was able to save the hospital, and after a time of home leave, he returned to his hospital to serve the people in the new country of Bangladesh.

Ida S. Scudder

In Ida went back to India to help her father when her mother was ailing at the mission bungalow at Tindivanam, Madras Province in India. I did not want to spend my life in India. Scudder, thoracic surgery, nephrology, leprosy surgery scudddr rehabilitation under Dr. Dodd continued to give generously, supporting students at the medical college where she also served as bursar and registrar.

Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind – Church History Timeline

Her nursing school grew to become the first graduate school of nursing in India, affiliated with Madras University. Inshe was joined in India by her friend Gertrude Doddan unofficial, self-supporting missionary of the Reformed Church. Instead of despairing about the case load she faced and the prejudices and distrust of those who doubted her ability as a woman doctor, she remained in Vellore and began training others to help her in the work. Although she was happy to be reunited with her family, she felt pressured from her parents and extended family not to not shirk the Scudder duty of becoming a missionary.

To make matters worse, the people, bikgraphy for medical attention, scuddef not trust her. Scudder’s papers biographt held by the Schlesinger Library of Radcliffe College, including a transcription of an oral history project idq the Medical College of Pennsylvania on women in medicine; some additional papers are located at the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India.

Scudder began training nurses, an almost unheard-of procedure in Asia. Two years later, with Dodd’s assistance, Scudder founded the Union Mission Medical School for Women in Vellore, which provided formal and certified medical education. Diplomat in Bangladesh Chicago: McGraw-Hill,5. As there was no female gynaecologist or even a biogra;hy general physician, these three women could not be treated properly and they died in one night.

With this accomplishment, Scudder retired but remained near Vellore. Hilda Olson, a governing board member of the Vellore Medical compound, responded tersely to the proposal: Born in India, Scudder was a granddaughter of the first American medical missionary, Dr. For 18 years she had been head of the medical association in a district with a population of 2, Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.


Although Scudder’s efforts to save the medical college from closure included converting it into a coeducational institution, causing condemnation from Lucy Peabody and other supporters of women’s education, her work remains significant. In two years, she treated 5, patients.

Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind

They served for thirty-six years in Ceylon and India, and during that time thirteen more children were born. With the money, she started a tiny medical dispensary and clinic for women at Vellore, 75 miles from Madras. Then in the early s she received word that her work along with other Christian schools in India would be eligible for a one-million-dollar Rockefeller grant if two million dollars could be raised elsewhere. Home Women Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Scudder, Ida — So instead of seeking the help of the more experienced John Scudder, they enlisted Ida, despite her protests concerning her lack of training.

Her dream of serving her internship under the brilliant tutelage of her father was shattered when he unexpectedly died of cancer.

Scudder, Ida Sophia () | History of Missiology

These women did not like to be treated by male doctors due to their orthodox habits of not exhibiting themselves before men The Story of Dr. She died, age 90, on May 24,at her home near Kodaikanal. While continuing scjdder make medical rounds in the outlying rural areas, Scudder would remain the only surgeon at the hospital for 22 years. Full textp.

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