Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu. Koran no Maki – the second volume by Takeda N. Sensei – Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan. The following is a brief description of these kata. There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Properly speaking, Shinkage-ryu does not contain iaijutsu techniques, it is strictly a.

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Advance two steps and cut down.

Shinkage ryu Iai

Hasegawa Chikaranosuke Eishin Hidenobu 8th Headmaster: The same as Sa Tetsu but with the enemy on the right. Rise and bring the feet together, raising the sword. After the tsuki, raise the sword for ukenagashi, with the left hand still on the mune, while bringing the right foot next to the left.

I believe that there is always something more to discover in this school. Oi-uchi — chase and cut. During noto, the right foot is withdrawn so you end in kiza. Return to starting position. Suwariwaza Inten Giri Negative turn-around cut From seiza, draw and cover while advancing the right foot to the right.

Step with the right foot in the direction of the last opponent, while cutting horizontally. But within you there will be a deeper more personal battle. Four steps, look back over left iaijutsh, turn clockwise and draw nukitsuke 1 hand this time in a wide iaijutu circle.

Continue as in hirakinuki. The following is a brief description of these kata. Pull right foot back far. Iai is about meeting the challenge, and surviving. One will often shift back near the end of the cut as a defensive move.


This is the mission of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu as transmitted by the 21st generation head–Sekiguchi Komei sensei.

Grab the saya and noto. At the same time the left foot is placed forward and to the left and there is a body shift to the left still on the knees.

An allowed variant is an extra step forward during the cut. A different style of sword, with a different style of being worn. Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu kata. Place right hand on the tigh and stand up. Shime-guruma — kill and bleed out shimebig wheel for shimeru 7. And if, after vanquishing his powerful foe Hayashizaki had lost the need for Iai, we might not know his name today. Mai-chou — flying, butterfly.

Shinkage ryu iaijutsu techniques

Bow with both hands together. The rest as for Sa Tetsu. Nanhon Me no Kata. I say this because I see this uncompromisingly high self expectation that they have set upon themselves. You are now on the left knee. Kuruma-giri — big wheel cut. Seated techniques are called iai, the standing techniques are tachi-ai batto. The seventh grand master Hasegawa Eishin shaped the school around the changing times, keeping true ksta its enduring spirit, and mastering a new type of sword.

Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu

iaijutsk Bring the left foot next to the right while raising the sword. This level would correspond to the ‘okuden’ in Muso Shinden iaijutsuu, and students generally start to practice this at 5th dan. He incorporated Shinkage-ryu principles and training methods into Seigo-ryu and created a number of techniques of sword-drawing, iajutsu we refer to over-all as battojutsu. Slide forward and tsuki. Shime-guruma — kill and bleed out shimebig wheel for shimeru.


A challenge that was well met by the man whose name would come to label this style. Kosode-otoshi — forearm cut Start as for kesagiri, cutting upward to about shoulder level, bring back the right foot assuming kasumi no kamae, bring back the left while cutting to horizontal. Once the perceived assailants have been deterred, the sword is cleaned and re-sheathed.

Certainly the characters used in his name are the same as those employed in the name of the style. Then there is an often returning guarding position I will call kamaeX in the following sorry, I don’t know its namethe tsuka is moved towards the right hip and the blade tilts so the ha is pointing down to the right. Left foot goes back next to the right. Shimabukuro Masayuki Hidenobu 22nd H. Yo Arashi Nightstorm Four opponents, one on each side.

Draw horizontal and slowly sweep the sword close to the floor, while advancing the right foot. Raise and cut immediately. According to sensei, kage does not mean shadow here but reflection.

Komei Jyuku’s aim is to reveal the virtues and wisdom of Budo through the daily living and practice of our traditional martial art. My nicest katana – Part 1: