Humedica MinedShare® Chosen by HealthEast Care System to Support ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Initiatives. Sep 14, Humedica MinedShare analytics will also provide robust metrics to help health professionals at BQA better understand population health. The company’s key clinical analytics solution, Humedica MinedShare, is an integrated platform that combines retrospective analytic capabilities.

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As a city-dweller, I first heard about the agricultural extension agent model last month from an academic physician from Minnesota. On the broader question of what role different players can have, regardless of whether a community is part of Positive Charge or not, there are a couple of really key constituents. They minedshaare on this topic for five years or so, because many of the opinion leaders in health care are AMGA member organizations.

The same can happen in health care, he says. Those are all on the list, but from an entrepreneurial perspective, and optimal allocation of capital, we want to pick three things and do them really well before we take on the next three.

Each segment being tracked is scored and totaled against a larger dollar target for the provider organization. Kandy, thanks for your time today.


It reminds everybody at least once a year that there are 1. We happen to be a point in time where we are mineeshare provider focused. They just had a hypertension collaborative, they are rolling out a diabetes collaborative, which is our first disease area for them. In a recent survey you indicated a pretty shocking number ofpeople with HIV in the U.

Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory Clinical Analytic Solution Launches at AMGA 2010

We are exploring a variety of grant opportunities right now, related to the comparative effectiveness research, and with our partners, both BBN Technologies and Anceta, as well as some of the participating medical groups from the AMGA.

Most people just go out and buy what they want —even if they use food stamps. Any savings shown in the comparison are then shared evenly between the practice and the payer. Holiday Hours Learn more! View the discussion thread. They all have a huge opportunity when people come into the emergency room or their general office to encourage HIV testing.


Positive Charge is designed to target 13 really highly impacted communities across the country that have significant populations of people living with HIV and where some of the estimates of people who are not in care are most significant. You were touching on some of them there, but can you tell me about what some of those differences are and whether one group is more correct than the other? Whether that data asset is 50 million lives, 35 million lives, million lives, depends on that small matter of execution.

The purpose of the Positive Charge initiative is to address those barriers that people may be experiencing in a whole host of ways. New Years Day Hours Learn more! There is a role for that information.

But in fact, what we learned from people living with HIV is that while those factors do influence a small number of people, the vast majority of people living with HIV who are not in care actually reported that it was more of the societal matters; things like they were afraid to disclose their status. Are there minedsharf in place to address those concerns?

Pioneer ACO Brown & Toland Physicians Goes Live with Humedica MinedShare® | CloudEXPO Journal

The real key is to ask the person what their challenges might be and then try humdeica work with them. The other important thing to note is that EMR penetration in the provider world is roughly 20 percent.

By the way, on your earlier point about balance between markets, did you mean outside of ,inedshare provider market? We look forward to keeping you posted as we move forward. Is there a dollar figure or a time frame that you can discuss in relation to that? The background on the agricultural extension agents is especially enjoyable.

He became chief medical officer in The Associated Press Sens.

Clearly, the plumbing has to be in place for us to then take advantage of the information flowing through. What we hope will come out of this survey is that mineeshare care providers will begin to better understand what the real barriers are and then can work with an AIDS service organization and other social service providers to help break down those barriers minesshare can and minedhare get people into treatment and keep them there.


That breaks down in a number of ways: There are approximately 1. The payer’s initial P4P minedsnare morphed into PHM, says Armstrong, when it began looking at both quality and efficiency measures and establishing targets for physicians treating specific patient populations within the plan, such as diabetics.

The health-care bill has no master plan for curbing costs. So even during this podcast, in the time that we had this conversation, at least one more humedicaa will have become HIV positive. With the laying of the piping we believe the data that flows through it will be highly valuable.

They all have an opportunity to include HIV testing in their work. How big of a company are we talking about? There are better ways to address marketing issues than restricting the legitimate use of data. In many cases docs who work for larger organizations are told by their bosses not to see sales reps. I know some of them, but no, have not talked about this!

Wilmington Health’s focus is on improving patient outcomes and further adopting data-driven quality improvement processes across the organization. Medicare has done a number of demonstration projects over the years.

You can read part 1 here. Can you describe that more? We will be the faucet that can bring it out and deliver the true value of the investment. The university has been working with QualChoice to improve the community’s overall health through PHM.

We expect that we will pick about six to eight of those. Federal agencies are preparing to furlough non-essential workers and diminish available services, harkening back to the day shutdown in We will explore and seek grants from the comparative effectiveness research activities that are ongoing. Are those fears borne out in practice?

For those people who are actually within the guidelines for treatment, the survey shared two main findings.