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Also, they might go to your country to help with technical problems if necessary.

In addition, the MS must be able to enter the network through the configured sector carriers successfully. These streams are identified with their antennas.

Transmission Admission Control Transmission admission control: Therefore, when transmitting BE service flows, the SS cannot relay on transmission opportunities offered by unicast polls.

DBS Distributed Base Stations — Huawei products

The size of the SDU cannot exceed bytes. QoS offers operators with effective control over the use of network resources.

Related Performance Measurement Items None 7. After the value is set in this way, the BS starts open-loop power control if the MS sends an open-loop power control request and the BS responds with a message indicating that the power control mode is successfully changed. In essence, it qimax a two- dimension space dimension and time dimension processing method. The user manages the BS in remote mode and performs software commissioning through the M What’s the shipping cost?

When do you ship out the products?


DBS3900 Distributed Base Stations

Through diversity receiving, array gain and diversity gain can be obtained. IT Infrastructure Storage Solution.

However, the CDD can be used to improve the demodulation performance of the common channel, thus improving the coverage of common channels. If the value of the bit is 0, the handover feature is not supported.

This type of power control, however, is not precise. The Preamble and data on common channels are huaweo in CDD mode. Procedure l Deactivate uplink inner-loop power control. It supports the 64QAM technology. Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Not exactly what you want?

Huawwei, to enable the HARQ, do not configure mode 3. In the IEEE Transmission Overload Control In the case of system overload, the transmission overload control mechanism enables the system to remove low-priority service connections according to db3900 transmission overload treshold and clearance threshold.

High-priority services huawri as the UGS of high-priority users such as handover users are admitted on a preferential basis. Settings of Parameters Related to Zone Switching 1.

Huawei DBS3900 WiMAX

One item is yuawei or no item is selected. The following information is displayed: When the IR-HARQ is adopt and data retransmission is required, the transmitter can use different MC mode and can add redundancy information different from previous one to the error correction EC block for data retransmission. In areas where the signal quality is good, all the sub-carriers are used to guarantee efficient use of frequency spectrum resources.

Each service flow is granted QoS parameters such as the service type, delay, jitter, and data rate.


DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

In optimum conditions, two receiving signals may be combined into one signal dbs3090 the power doubled. If the value of this parameter is too large, the scheduling priority is lowered, and the transmission rate is reduced. In this way, the maintenance cost is lowered.

The preceding three conditions can be used as the same time.

Prefabricated Modular Data Centers. The bigger the parameter is, the higher the priority is. There is a process of storing, processing, and forwarding. The QoS parameters of the rtPS are as follows: In PUSC 1,1,3 networking mode, each sector uses 10 downlink sub-channels, and the three sectors use 12, 12, and 11 uplink sub- channels respectively.

Reminder To have a better experience, please upgrade your IE browser. With the CDD technology, the power gain can be obtained from multi-antenna transmission. Space-time Space-time coding STC is a signal coding technology that can be used coding to obtain enhanced data transmission rates.

Table lists the network elements involved in the automatic discovery feature. When the network is congested, QoS guarantees reliable data transmission of important services and ensures efficient use of network resources. Indicates a tip that may help you solve a problem or save time. The MS obtains the information of the neighboring BSs.