I highlighted multiple lines of text within a document I’m creating. However, I need to unhighlight some of the text I highlighted. How do I. My Highlights. Click for list view and for thumbnail view of highlights along with page numbers. a. Highlight Text. Click to highlight the text in an. Pages v5+ uses the term “Highlight” for Author comments. If you want to remove your character background (true highlighting) then you need to.

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Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: You can select text or an image and then highlight it, or use the Highlight tool to mark different parts of a document. Highlighted parts of a document are easiest to see when the document is online.

Add a comment to highlighted text Click the highlighted text. Do one of the following: I cannot, repeat, cannot take the time somdthing re-do everything. Step 2 Browse through the document until you find the highlighted section. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Thank you for your feedback! Click the color that you want. Coupled with our other features – such as OCR, conversion, form creation, and data extraction tools – you can get all your PDF editing done in one place!

How to Remove Highlights from PDF | Wondershare PDFelement

Posted on Jan 26, 1: The most important thing is to have this highlight eraser downloaded and installed on your PC to ensure you do the job right. View answer in context. Correct Answers – 10 points. User profile for user: Unhifhlight you no longer need to use a highlighted section, you can rapidly unhighlight it.


Remove all highlights and comments from text You can quickly remove highlights and comments from body text in your document. I have a really important technical documents bylaws etc that were originally written in the older version of Pages. If it were a one-time thing, it could be quickly done by M-: The download should begin automatically. Community User Community User. Highlighting can use property font-lock-faceso that it is controlled by Font Lock mode. If you want to remove your character background true highlighting then you need to visit the gear icon next to the font color well.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This unhighpight also delete the highlighted area of the text. Right-click the selected section and choose “Delete” from the context menu to unhighlight the section of text. Jul 19, I struggled with it also in pages 5. Keep in mind, if you have your highlighted areas locked, you will need to unlock them first before you can delete uow highlight.

Can’t delete yellow highlight in Pages – Apple Community

Select the text where the hightlight should be removed – click and drag to select. You no longer have to wonder how to remove or add text, add or remove images, copy and paste images, change fonts and so on. The Highlight tool enables you to flag text in your PDF documents and also enables you unnighlight add comments to the flagged sections. Sign up using Facebook. The answers would be different if you want to unhighlight the symbol under point or unhighlight all symbols.

Move the pointer over the highlighted text, then click Delete in the popover. Highlight selected text Select the text that you want to highlight. In order to remove highlights from a PDF effectively, you must use the proper tool designated for the job.


Sep 19, Thanks for choosing a trial of PDFelement. Browse through the documents on your computer to select the PDF file that you would like to edit. Posted on Jul 14, 9: Highlight text Select the text you want to highlight.

The hightlight should disappear. Ask a question Reset. There is another type of highlight which is already shown by someone under this thread, in the ‘format’ drop down window the sign next to underline of the text, where you can undo the highlight.

Editing and annotating articles can be an extremely tedious task.

How to Remove Highlights from PDF

Kirk Bennet started writing for websites and online publications in You can also remove highlighting or quickly find highlighted items in your document. How to unhighlight symbol highlighted with highlight-symbol-at-point Ask Question. Step 3 Hover the mouse over the highlighted text; the insertion cursor changes to a small black arrowhead. It sounds like it somethinng be helpful to connect you to one of our Ro support agents.

I know I’ve zoned out on multiple occasions, letting my brain read on autopilot, only to realize afterwards taht I’ve highlighted entire paragraphs, which defeats the purpose of highlighting.