Items 1 – 24 of 85 Hordes: Legion – Chosen of Everblight Cavalry Unit (5). Retail Price: $ Hordes: Legion – Blighted Ogrun Theme Force. Retail Price. Items 1 – 24 of 93 Build your Legion of Everblight army in HORDES with Warlocks, Warbeast and Gargantuans! Unleash the legion of blighted beasts alongside. The Legion of Everblight consists of elves and ogrun who have been corrupted and beholden to the will of the army’s eponymous dragon (who.

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Seriously though, don’t get too hung up on spamming dragonspawn that you forget to consider these guys. Typhon and the Carnivean both work well, though the Scythean is also entertaining and you can put Rapport on a Nephilim Soldier in an emergency. Flying Calvary with Reach that lets beasts with flight starting in horrdes command range charge for free. Kallus is an infantry caster, and Everblight has great infantry.

Hordes/Tactics/Legion of Everblight – 1d4chan

Character light calvary hoordes when you absolutely must hunt and kill enemy solos and UAs. This page was last modified on 18 Octoberat Requires assembly and paint.

Views Read Edit View history. Models are new in blister and include MKII stat card. With Vayl’s help, many of the Nyss are unwittingly corrupted and join the fold: There are a few models that are already broken listed and see picturesbut the pieces are accounted for a Kallus has several subtle but substantial advantages that’re often overlooked by players comparing him to the Thagroshes.


Legion plays as a bit of a glass cannon army, but is fully capable of tanking with numerous warbeasts. You definitely want to run multiple warbeasts on top of your infantry: And then you can drop Dark Guidance and launch a brutal counterattack.

Okay, so Legion is no longer the special pony princess: Just killed a human? Also shop in Also shop in.

Everblight: Hordes | eBay

Another solo to help with fury management. You’ll only have the one transfer, but if you lined it up properly, one is all you’ll need. Speaking in the tongue of a mad seer, the Truthbearer prophesies destruction for the enemies of Everblight. Said dragon is also the scrappy underdog whelp? Curious and intrigued at their secrets, Everblight soon struck a deal with the Lords of Morrdh: The vessel tends to be the preferred way of bringing Harriers and Stingers into a battle, since their ideal everblighy tend to be more situational and they lack the Shredder’s all-purpose animus.

These looked like creatures but were not really, lacking souls and being nothing more then a moving mass of tooth and claw.

Rhyas games are made and broken on the feat turn, and everything you do builds around it. Between the pathfinder and flight you will have little trouble navigating the board. They found a severely weakened dragon and Everblight’s ogre vessel was able to consume its crystal heart, vastly increasing Everblight’s power. Vayl’s talent for divination has predicted the dragon’s coming, and she has come to destroy him before the prophecies bear frui–I’m just messing with you, she sells her people up the fucking river in exchange for power.


You want to maximize bodies on the table, because her feat gets stronger with more friendly models. Probably the most situational section of the Legion bestiary, as none of the below are auto-takes by any means. They also work very well with her feat, and can stay alive until she pops it.


Hordes – Legion of Everblight: While some believed Toruk to be defeated, Everblight had an idea about what the fuck was comingand knew that he would need to be prepared. Seeing the results of his work, Toruk looked upon his brood and demanded they swear fealty to their father and creator.

Energize with a bunch of rabid shredders who run and charge for free in her battlegroup can be fun, and doing so within Kallus’ control range after he casts Dark Guidance is even better. Aiding in this are ample access to Eyeless Sight, Pathfinder and Flight, allowing the Legion to more easily set up its attacks by using the terrain on the board as a shield from its foes.

Indeed, many of the dragonspawn created in the current Legion are almost unchanged from their predecessors who marched with and slew the enemies of Morrdh.

Views Read Edit View history. Likewise, your Heavies can tear apart whole formations. This page was last updated: