Eugénie Grandet, Honoré de BalzacEugénie Grandet is an novel by French I’ve lately read Honore de Balzac’s famous novel Eugenie Grandet and am. Depicting the fatal clash between material desires and the liberating power of human passions, Honoré de Balzac’s Eugénie Grandet is translated. Eugenie Grandet (The Human Comedy) [Honoré de Balzac, Marion Ayton Depicting the fatal clash between material desires and the liberating power of human passions, Honoré de Balzac’s Eugénie Grandet is Honore de Balzac.

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By now, Charles has left to travel overseas. All the town watches the two competing families and wonder who will win Eugenie.

As she leaves, Mme. The Balzax household, oppressed by the exacting miserliness of Grandet himself, is jerked violently granfet of routine by the sudden arrival of Eugenie’s “Who is going to marry Eugenie Grandet? Where is the man without ambition? It’s literally all about the old guy being a dick – that’s the whole point of the book. Fiction Classics Literary Fiction. Although he had to quit as town mayor under Napoleon who did not like Republicanshe inherited from several relatives around this time and continued to prosper.

Ejgenie when Charles pays it back, he says it was worth 6, francs and he is sending 8, to include interest. And he has been trained by the long association with Annette to be a cynic and a materialist. Views Read Edit View history. Basically all you’ll read about is this.

They merely existed, for they have never lived. She worries she is not pretty enough for him, but Eugenue corrects our impression up to now that this might be true.

Le stesse relazioninella provincia rappresentata, sono il mezzo per aspirare a mantenere o a migliorare la propria condizione sociale. Imagine the mutual shock with which he and the country folk with snuff-encrusted collars and eugeni linen look at each other!

Grandet is so rich that only his notary Cruchot and des Grassins the banker have any idea of his total wealth.

Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac | : Books

balazc Il n’y a pas un de ses bonheurs qui euhenie vienne d’une ignorance quelconque. The des Grassins then visit just as Felix and Cruchot des Bonfons are in the middle of discussions, and the banker des Grassins volunteers to do Felix’s bidding for free, so Felix accepts des Grassins’ offer instead of Cruchot des Bonfons’. However, in Eugenie Grandet, Balzac explains to us in balzacc how Grandet and his nephew became rich: This book is titled for Eugenie, the daughter of the Grandet family, but it should have been titled “Grandet the Miser”, because this was really his story, the story of Eugenie’s father Felix.


She gives Nanon money to run gradet and purchase a wax candle so Charles will not have to endure the smell of their accustomed tallow candles. Charles finally rises and asks for something light, perhaps a fowl, for breakfast. A fourth year lowered the deficit even more — without Grandet paying a cent — and then M. Dec 21, Sheyda rated it really liked it Shelves: In that book there are quite simply characters from many different walks of life.

It is worth 2, francs, enough money to help Charles. Nanon is unobtrusively spinning in the kitchen when M. When Charles comes back to France a rich man, having made his fortune from dealing in slaves, he forsakes Eugenie for a wealthy aristocrat, mistaken that the former is now poor. Everyone has some link with these persons, who revolt all human feelings and yet epitomize them.

Nowadays, anyone marrying their cousin would be hounded out the hamlet, Daily Mail s flung at their A heartclenching pain-turner of a classic, a perfect manifesto for choosing love over money.

Beautifully written, the pages fly by as you need to learn the fates of these tragic characters.

Eugenie Grandet

Why didn’t Eugenie try to destroy her cousin in the end? In broad strokes, the novel is an audacious picture of a materialistic society, honoor encloses man in a web of deception, obsession with money, and lack of ethics.

Anyway, back to the story.

Eugeniee 23, Anastasia rated it it was ok. I have not read a great deal of Balzac’s work in the past, but this has reaffirmed that I wish to do so in future. But the more Balzac unveiled her grandeur of soul, the more she embellished inside and out.


He becomes engaged to the daughter of an impoverished aristocratic family, in order to make himself respectable. We hear nothing more of Charles.

Eugénie Grandet by Honoré de Balzac

If there is such a place. The Cruchots are aghast that the des Grassins have upstaged their present. Eugenie grabs her bag of treasures — given to her as gifts by her father and others. His relationship with his family was often strained by financial and personal drama, and he lost more than one friend over critical reviews.

However, as can be seen from the reading of this work, money can not buy everything or bring true happiness? She continues doing good works and living parsimoniously. Avarice and greed and miserliness. However, he is very miserly, and he, his wife, daughter, and their servant Nanon live in a run-down old house which he is too miserly to repair. She urges him to try to divert himself by thinking now how to save his honor as a poor man and son of grandwt bankrupt. That would take, way too much time.

Notify me of new comments via email. The two families constantly visit the Grandets to get Felix’s favour, and Felix in turn plays them off against each other for his own advantage. Eugenie and Charles meet alone in the garden each morning, and later after breakfast Charles sits with mother and daughter in the parlor while they work. He encloses payment for her loan plus interest and asks her to post his gold box.

Only 6 people in the town were allowed to call at his house: Some people are so deeply convinced that there is no hell after eugneie, that they take possession on earth, with fierce, pretentiousness, smallness of grande, immorality and avarice, of all earthly material goods, of all the love they are given and never give back.

I rather like the traditional ending.