operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information .. equipment) when connecting two EUis generators for parallel. Rights Reserved. See page 83 for. Initial Use Instructions. GENERATOR. EUi operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. View and Download Honda EUis owner’s manual online. EUis Read and understand this owner’s manual before operating your generator. You can.

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Remove the four 6 mm cap nuts, and remove the eu3000is cover. It indicates that the generator is producing electrical power at the receptacles. Storage Procedure Drain the carburetor and the fuel sediment cup.

Eu3000js altitude performance can be improved by specific modifications to the carburetor. To prevent carburetor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly. If the overload indicator light red stays on, consult your Honda generator dealer. Faulty owner power cords can create a potential for electrical shock. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Inspect the screen for breaks or tears and replace it if necessary. Page 25 For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power.

If the engine has not been run for a long time, the sediment cup should be cleaned.

Honda EU3000is Owner’s Manual

Page 49 Visually inspect the spark plug. When the Eco-throttle switch is turned to the ON position and the AC output is not used, the DC current will be about one-third of the rated current. This is normal if ownerrs overload indicator light red goes off after about four 4 seconds.


Maintenance Schedule Replace the paper air filter only. Remove the three 5 mm bolts, and remove the exhaust tail pipe and the spark arrester.

Available through your Honda dealer. Got it, continue to eu30000is. Page 2 The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing.

Replacement Parts The emission control systems on your Honda engine were designed, built, and certified to conform with EPA and California emission regulations models certified for sale in California. Remove the four 6 mm Is the output indicator light ON see page 14? Allow it to cool before proceeding. Page 42 Afterburning backfiring.

Page 61 Storage Procedure 1. Reinstall the filter, O-ring, and sediment cup. Install the bonda holder kwners. Soak the foam air filter in clean engine oil and squeeze out the excess oil. A battery charger should be used that can be adjusted to deliver 0. Appliance and power tool manufacturers usually list rating information near the model number or serial number. The maintenance schedule applies to normal operating conditions. We want to help you get the best results from your new generator and to operate it safely.

Page 36 Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasolines are being blended with alcohol or an ether compound. Place a suitable container below the engine to catch the oil, manhal remove the drain plug and sealing washer, remove the oil filler cap, and drain the oil.

The following instructions and procedures must be followed in order to keep the emissions from your Honda engine within the emission standards. Reinstall the foam air filter to the air cleaner cover.


Congratulations on your selection of a Honda generator. Tighten the carburetor drain screw.


Page 38 Manual starting: Specifications vary according to the types, are subject A very rich mixture will also foul the spark plug and cause hard starting. However, cannot warn of every conceivable hazard that can arise performing maintenance. Oil Alert System Light If the generator has been used, allow it cool for at least 15 minutes before loading the generator on the transport vehicle. Remove the four 6 mm bolts, and remove the upper muffler protector.

Replacement Parts The emission control systems on your Honda engine were designed, built, and certified to conform with EPA and California emission regulations. Black exhaust smoke or high fuel consumption.

This manual also for: Make sure that appliances are disconnected from receptacles. Honda EUis Owner’s Manual 96 pages. Reinstall the air cleaner base, and connect the breather hose with the air cleaner base. Operation at an altitude that differs from that at which this engine was certified, for extended periods of time, may increase emissions. It indicates that generator is producing electrical power at the receptacles.

Page 54 Install the lower muffler protector, the rear under plate and the rear handle in the reverse order of removal. Generator Owbers Honda generator dealers.