Islamic scholars believe that the invocation of Hizb Sayfi and Salat al-Fatih are more valuable than all remembrances, no matter what they may. Dua e Saifi reported by Hazrat Sydena Gouse Azam (RA). This dua have 70, thousend angels and 70, moukillat means security and. Posted in Permission | Tagged Hizb al-Bahr, karamah, kashf, khatm, miracles I need permission to recite dua ie saifi and hizb ul bahar and sir.

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Sidi Ibrahim al-Dassouqi ordered him to read it, but he replied that he could not, because the text was too long, and ought to be preserved in a book, and that it was a difficult task. O Allah aloof my vagry and destroy my griefs and destroy my enemies and give me all the goodnessof this world and hereafter with Your mercy and blessedness, O The Most Merciful of all the merciful ones.

Wa sallallahu ta’ala ala khairi khalqihi saiyidna muhammadin wa aalihi wa ashabihi ajmaa’eena. Popular posts from this blog. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Allahum’ar faa’ni wa la tadhaa’ni wad’faa an’ni wa la tad’faa’ni wa aatini wa la tahrimni wa ikrimni wa la gizb wa zidni wa la tanqusni war’hamni wa la tuaz’zibni wan’surni wa la takh’zulni was’turni wa la tafdah’ni wa aasirni wa la tu’sir aa’laiya amrid’duniya.

As for the Hizb Sayfi, it belongs to the Prophet peace and blessing be upon himand it has sixty thousand charismatic qualities. Then, when his appointed time of death approaches that individual will come toward him and sit in front of saivi, so he will look at him and admire his loveliness and his beauty, and he will glorify Allah SWT.

Therefore He is The One in Whom hand is the key of the unseen world of angels and to You we will return and blessings of Szifi upon our Master Muhammad and his family and his companions who are pureand senp copious peace on them all. Your kingdom will never face downfall.

If someone diligently persists in its recitation, he will not depart from this world without true faith, even if his deeds are improper. If someone puts in writing, then erases the ink and gives it to a young child to drink, the door of chastity will be opened for the young one. Against mighty tyrants shall I protect. If someone persists in its recitation, in the morning and evening, Allah SWT will love him with a special affection.


If someone recites it in a course of a year, the sins he has committed in that year will not be recorded. No one approaches and draws near to Allah SWT by means of anything more excellent than the two of them.

O Allah it is all due to Your will and abilitythat You gave me releif and You have protected me in the governorate of Your infallibility and purity. If someone persists in its recitation, in the morning and evening, no sin will be recorded against him. In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful. O Allah complete Your gratification Upon me for rest of my life as You have bestowed Your gratification upon me in my past life.

Benefits of Surah Fath.

O the One by Whom order skies and earths exist. If someone persists in its recitation in the morning and evening Allah SWT will grant him forgiveness for all his previously committed sins.

Dua Saifi Benefits ~ Quranic Wazifa

If someone makes a constant practice of its recitation, he will acquire all of those special properties, those that are worldly and those of the hereafter”. O Lord of Mikaeel,O Lord of Israfeel, O Lord of Izraeel, O Lord of Muhammad peace be upon him,help me ,O Allah bless me with a heart which is hizbb and obedient and bless me with Your obedient and tolerant body and true beleif and tongue vocaling You and praising You, and an eye crying with Your fear and love, and substenance vast and legitimate,and benefiting knowledge and pious children and long life and bless me with a beleiving and pious wife and accept my repentance and do not immunize and infatuate with Your pretence.

If someone diligently persists in its recitation, Allah will create for him an individual with a lovely face. Jinn and devils will flee from his way ‘. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Fasubhanal’lazee biyadihi malakutu kul’li shai’in’wa ilahi turja’oun. Allahum’aa fa laqa’l hamdu ala makarimiqa’l lati la.

By perfect Faith is love protected. And they will say: Hizb of the Sword. His face shall shine with light, and it will confer upon him an air of majesty and respect, so that whoever gazes upon him shall say “What kind of saint is that?

Asking for Forgiveness: Invoking Hizb as-Sayfi (The Sword Bearer)

Bismi Allahi arrahmani arraheem. There is no God buy You! I accepted this time, and I admitted my mistake.


There is no one more entitled to a robe of honour, nor to a very high degree, than the person who recites this talisman. The Shaykh RA said.

May Allah SWT make the recitation of this supplication, other supplications and all our acts of worship easy for us during this Ramadan and even beyond. When the two angels come to him in his grave, in order to question him about his condition. Other names of names, Hizb as-Sayfi are: If someone recites it forty one times, in each of forty consecutive mornings.

If someone diligently persists in its recitation, Allah will grant him eternal life in the Garden of Paradise, by His gracious favour. To someone who recites it, Allah SWT will grant the reward for keeping the night vigil on the Night of Power, each and every time, whatever the total may add up to. Against every jinn and all rebels shall it guard you.

O Allah all the praise is for You for all that favours which are not counted by us. After receiving it, he taught it to Imam Ali. At’taiyibena’t tahireena wasalama tasleeman kaseeran kaseeran ya arhama’r raheemena wa ya khaira’n nasirena wal hamdu lillahi rab’bil aalamina.

Allah SWT will cause him to reach the degree of sainthood. If someone recites it on behalf it on behalf of himself and his parents, forty one times, they will experience neither hardship in this world nor any trouble in the Hereafter. Wa ta’az’zarta bil azmati wal kibri’yaa’e wa tagh’ghash’shaita bin’noori wad’dhiyaa’e wa tajal’lalta bil mahabati wal bahaa’e. O Allah forgive me, my that fault which is only forgiven by You and which cannot be removed but only with Your forgiveness and mercy, and which cannot be expiated except by Your Blessedness and forgiveness and bestow upon me today and tonight and in this present month and in this present year ,true beleif which can ease my afflictions of this world and the world hereafter ,and grief of hereafter.

When he arises from his grave, his first encounter will be with the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him.

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