Download Manual for Model 46F HITACHI PROJECTION PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects. Projection color tv, Operating guide • Read online or download PDF • Hitachi 46F User Manual. vt59 vt nec vt user manual pdf download projection color tv 46f 51g 51f 57g 57fdownload hitachi tv repair manuals file type pdf.

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When MOVIE mode is selected from the Picture Mode menu, your Hitachi Projection Television will activate the circuitry for this special feature to improve video performance when watching film based sources.

Wall or shelf mounting should follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and should use a mounting kit approved by the manufacturer. Do not apply excessive pulling force hiachi the front, or top, 2.

The remote will now control your TV. Ghosting may also be caused by defects in the antenna system such as unshielded leads or connecting several sets to manaul same antenna without using multiple antenna couplers. If the MENU button is pressed while the auto programming function is engaged, programming will stop. The TV channel will always be either the main picture or the sub-picture. Television stand model SPW is designed for use wi.

Video 2 Auto Link Use this function to automatically turn the TV on and tune to Video2 when it detects a video signal to input 2. There is a fluid in each tube that over time can dis-color, and involves a very difficult procedure to fix.


Hitachi 46F Manuals

To prevent damage to the speaker and distorted so Summary of the content on the page No. Page 3 Continuous on-screen displays such as video games, stock market quotations, computer gen- erated graphics, and other fixed non-moving patterns can cause permanent damage to television receivers. For television sets designed to operate from battery power, refer to the operating instructions. If the channel has been corrected before, use the cursorto highlight that channel then use the cursorto change the level.

If your device has only one audio output mono soundconnect it to the left audio jack on the television. If you do not, the played back picture may be abnormal. Just make sure the model of remote you buy works with your television set. If you were having any issue before or at the point it started smoking where picture looked odd or even 3d it will be in the convergence circuit. Public viewing may require prior authorization from the broadcaster or owner of the video program.

Accessories | Hitachi 46F User Manual | Page 4 / 64

B the components R-Y o. The mode will be the same for both. These speakers are connected to a separate audio amplifier. Be particularly careful not to damage the picture tube surface. Digital Media Division Should you have any questions regarding warranty, service, operation, or technical assistance, please contact: Please fill out your w Summary of the content on the page No.


When replacing old batteries, push them towards the springs and lift them out. Clean the screen with a soft cloth moistened in warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

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To start viewing the user manual Hitachi 46F on full screen, use the button Fullscreen. B the components R-Y o Summary of the content on the page No. ANT A input can be displayed as a main picture or sub-picture. The factor preset key number is Our goal is to provide you with a quick access to the content of the user manual for Hitachi 46F Automatically monitor and hiachi color levels and maintain manua, flesh tones. Black spots or horizontal streaks may appear, picture may flutter or drift.

See page 13 for Audio System setup. Press the VID1 button to view t.

TEXT may not be available with every program. Screens that have been cleaned with anything other than water and a mild soap solution. Never expose the set to rain or water. Televisions are designed to comply with the recom- Follow all warnings and instructions marked on this television.

The following connection diagrams are offered as suggestions. The selection to change will be in magenta. Refer to page 22 1. Green alone will give you a black and white picture.