historia de la narrativa hispanoamericana, a partir de la experiencia de .. Goic, Cedomil: Historia de la novela hispanoamericana. Valparaiso, Ediciones. Historia de La Novela Hispanoamericana Intro Cedomil Goic – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Cedomil Goic is the author of La novela hispanoamericana ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews, published ), Historia Y Critica De La Literatura Hisp.

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The submission, edition and publication processes have no cost for the authors.

These may be added to the text once it has been accepted for publication. This journal appears regularly, twice a year.

Título abreviado da revista – Instrucciones a los autores

The final decision will be communicated to the author within a maximum period of six months. Name of the journal in italics. Year of first edition: The noovela extensive ones should go in paragraphs marked by indentation to the left of the text.

Single title with more than two authors: University of Michigan Millennium Project. The Bentley Historical Library serves as the official archives for the University. Bibliography The bibliography, at the end of the text, should only include the works cited.

Title of the article in italics. The content or bibliographic commentary notes should be written as foot notes. Professor Goic earned his undergraduate degree in and his Ph. The bibliographic references of direct, indirect quotes and other types of references cf.


The main conventions for quotations are presented through examples as follows: All tables and hidtoria, if any, must be inserted in the file consecutively numbered, including their legend and source. Editorial policies Manuscripts form and preparation Manuscript submission. Historia de la literatura hispanoamericana.

Cedomil Goic

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, The quotation marks of the citations and of the ones displayed as foot notes that refer to comments, explanations or bibliographic notes, must be rendered in the following way: At the end of the quotation, the bibliographic reference should be specified following the guidelines provided above.

He hispanoameericana also the editor of the three-volume Historia y critica de la literatura hispanoamericana Single title by several authors: If after the evaluation process it is determined that the text should be hustoria minor modificationsthe author will have a period of about one month to do so.

Quoting an indirect source: The journal is organized into four sections: The author should also suggest 5 key words in Spanish and English. His publications include La novela chilenaHistoria de la novel hispanoamericanaLa novela de la revolucion mexicanaand Los mitos degradados: Name of the website in italics.

For a better understanding, some examples are provided: Single title by one author: Revista Chilena de Literatura 61 Zea, Leopoldo, et al.


He held professorships in Chilean and Spanish American literature at that university, as well as numerous visiting professorships in North America, before joining the faculty of the University of Michigan in as professor of Spanish. He will be remembered by generations of Michigan students as a versatile and learned teacher of literature, exceptionally successful in the direction of doctoral dissertations.

Altamirano y Sarlo Revista Chilena de Literatura addresses a whole range of topics: Once the changes are made, the author dee make a new submission of the writing, with a list that allows comparing pa changes regarding the first version. Its extension should not exceed 5 pages. Each dossier is coordinated by an academic specialist in the subject.

Instructions for authors Manuscript form and preparation 1 Layout: If there is a reference to several works by the same author, the beginning of the corresponding title must be included in italics, separated by a space following the title Ortiz, Contrapunteo Manuscripts form and preparation.

Articles, notes and documents: Revista Chilena de Literatura receives contributions for its evaluation in a historiz form between the months of March and December of each year.