Editions. Here be Dragons . Sharon Penman · Paperback. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Hive · Waterstones · Amazon. An absorbing. Set in the 13th Century, Here Be Dragons is the story of King John and his England. A paradoxical man, he was charming, generous, clever — and he was. Thirteenth-century Wales is a divided country, ever at the mercy of England’s ruthless, power-hungry King John. Then Llewelyn, Prince of North.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We still use power and ignorance to fuel our wars and pride and wounded egos to justify them. There is a lot of battle in the book. I can’t wait to read more of her books. There were only a handful of names during the 13th Century so names like Will were credited to at least four characters and two of them with the same last name since children were given their parents’ names I can’t even remember how many Rhys characters there were.

The saga of the Plantagenets was much better known, but not many people were familiar with medieval Wales or its princes.

Joanna is placed in secluded captivity, but at the end of the book Llewelyn comes to find her and offers her forgiveness. Shrewd, pragmatic, ice-blooded when threatened, John was yet generous to the poor and powerless.


I had to almost verbally remind myself shsron he wasn’t my husband and these emotions weren’t really mine, and I didn’t need to apply Ne feelings to my own husband!

For the most part the books are steeped in verified details of life. Its development and conflict anchors a story that is forced to span war after war after battle after skirmish after war. The turbulent clashes of two disparate worlds and the destinies of the individuals caught between them spring to life in this magnificent novel of power and passion, loyalty and lies. Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales, secures an uneasy truce by marrying the English king’s beloved illegitimate daughter, Joanna, who ,ay grows to love her charismatic and courageous husband.

The edition I checked out contained more than thin pages of small print.

Here be Dragons (Welsh Princes, #1) by Sharon Kay Penman

View all 21 comments. Search Lost in the Stacks. The “Penman Trail” as it has been dubbed visits locations which feature prominently in the books including Dolwyddelan Castle and Abergwyngregyn. The Reckoning Sharon Kay Penman. King John marries Joanna off to his rival and into Llewelyn’s Welsh world. Much has already been said about this excellent novel, so suffice to say that I enjoyed reading it, and that I look forward to completing the trilogy.

Reluctant to wed her father’s bitter enemy, Joanna slowly grows to love her charismatic and courageous husband who dreams of uniting Wales. To make things worse, every so often she resorted to historian mode to get over long periods of time in which not much happened, or at least not much happened that she intended to show in the book.


Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman | U-M Library

It was kind of what the whole book was building up to. Joanna is a perfect heroine – the kind that makes mistakes and has insecurities. Robin supported John’s brother Richard Lionheart. If this all sounds angst-ridden, it is.

Undoing a character merge 3 25 Apr 15, There was a problem adding your email address. Both language wise as well as facts concerning the characters and events?

Book Review: Here be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman

Joanna becomes determined that her own son, Dafydd, will be his father’s heir as ruler of Gwynedd, disregarding the Welsh law that all sons should receive equal shares of their father’s inheritance. Here be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman. Turns out, this novel is really more focused on Joanna who was the illegitimate daughter of the ruthless King John. The characters were all fully developed, and even at their worst I still felt sympathy for them.

Here be Dragons has it all. Wife to Llewelyn, whom she came to love, daughter to John, whom she worshipped, Joanna was trapped in the crossfire of their implacable enmity.