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If you are seriously wanting to manifest in your life, my good friend, successful coach and founder of the Miracle Academy, Allyson Chavez, and I have a FREE webinar for you! On the webinar we will cover: Reserve your FREE place here. Recent webinars have been oversubscribed and this FREE event will most definitely ehmal also… click here to register and make sure you secure your place! You can get it for free at http: For many people there is an underlying often outside of awareness feeling that the best moments and opportunities of their lives are hemsl the past.

Similar authors to follow

We hypnotise ourselves to go down that path of limiting ourselves, rather than notice the greater possibilities due to our ever growing wisdom and experience. The possibilites are there like they have always beenif not more so. We often have belief systems through which we filter out and diminish the possibilities radla see in our lives and filter in the challenges we see. One way to know is if there is a contraction in what you see possible for you, or an expansion; this will be reflected in a contraction or expansion of your own energy and subsequently the possibilities that come into your life.

It may not always necessarily be the exact same possibilities you see. The variables may be different as a result of you and life being in an eternal spontaneous and synchronistic dance within a kaleidoscope of endless possibilities. When you start to diminish the flow and experience of life through your perceptions, is life really going to get better?

When you constrict the possibility of the flow of life due to how you see rsdia lifeis your body really going to feel more energised and are better and more attractive opportunities going to be drawn to you?

The answer is not to flow less energy but through your growing wisdom, experience and insights to flow more life through you. It is about perceiving even more for you. To know that life is getting better for you each day.

That you are loved and adored and the best can happen for you like it can happen for anyone on this planet. That better and better experiences can and will be flowing into your life. That situations and circumstances are not what they seem. As you soften your focus on the problems you diminish their emotional attachment and more easily bring in and allow the solution along with everything else you desire.


Remember Hemal, the best is yet to come hemall matter how good it has been already. Life is an infinite flow and it has the possibility to amaze you even beyond what you thought possible if you allow it.

It will all be about creating results and fast-tracking your success! Like last time all available places will be taken so book your FREE place right away here. hfmal

On the webinar you will learn: You can register for it now here. I remember in my teens having come across his books well before I had rasia of spirituality and personal development. Over time as I went through life discovering more about myself, my own life and wanting to know more about the world and universe around me, I found more and more of his work.

In my early days in this field around 20 years ago I would study and take notes on much of his work and of many others, particularly in relation to manifesting our desires. Dr Wayne Dyer is the author radis over 30 books and has appeared on various shows, including with Oprah. On another note, Wes Craven, the director of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream movies, died yesterday at the age of This is a popular and powerful topic which came up at the recent Manifesting Excellence get-together.

Letting Go To Manifest. Attachment can be about pretty much anything: It is not so much about what you are attached to but more so the constricting of your flow from the attachment that limits your life and prevents new happenings, opportunities, experiences and so much more coming in.

If you want to be with a particular love and it is hemak you INTO your flow there does not necessarily need to be anything heal with that. Rasia, when you think about money does it take you into or out of your flow?

Manifesting and Law of Attraction

Cleaning up beliefs and perspectives about a subject will change your attraction to it and of it coming into your life. If you want help, join us on Manifesting Excellence.

The thoughts you think and emotions you feel: Are they opening up the cells of your body to receive?

Or are you tightening up, anxious, scared etc? When do you feel your best? In moving towards what you are congruent with, you will also be moving away from the fear and scarcity energy connected to attachment. But when you attach and identify yourself to old paradigms that do not serve you, you limit the ways the broader universe can come into and influence your life.

My friend and award-winning author, Sherri Nickolsis hosting a free video virtual event which she has asked me to speak on with other leading experts. Myself, Mary Morrissey Dr. Most techniques and processes are about cumulative and compound building of the vibe of what you want.

Hence, multiple iterations in building the vibe are often required. This is different to manifesting a parking space or a date or cheque for the end of the week, which may not require as much vibe building.


The good news is there are no limits to where you can exponentially take your energy. The human race is still realising the full potential of this. When you have a genuine building of your vibe your emotions and energy change, your thoughts, ideas and insights will also change more on this in 4, below.

The frequency of your consciousness will change — like tuning into different radiowaves. You will get new ideas and inspiration, and at times even manifestations themselves. Sometimes ideas may not make sense but that is because you are trying to evaluate Infinite Intelligence with a rational mind. So, a mistake many make is they do not notice the changes within themselves even when the manifestation of what they are wanting is already under way!

We often talk of ways of addressing this on Manifesting Excellence. When you change your energy and feelings, be vigilant of what happens and what ideas you get. Follow through on the most subtle of ideas to create space for the next one, and so on and so on. Recognise them and follow through on YOUR part in making it happen.

Some people do great energetic work to have the building vibe but then their thoughts even outside of their awareness move towards:. Do you see what is happening here? It is about learning the methods and ways to more deeply have greater harmony with yourself on multiple levels.

This is something most people are likely not to be aware of, and if they are then not aware of the tools and methods to make this happen. Every manifestation that occurs is because of a changing of your energetic relationship with it.

We will talk about how this happens, the signs to look out for so you know where you are at, and much much more! You can register for it here. Firstly, it was so much fun interacting with those of you that were on the webinar last month! They are so much fun that the weekly Manifesting Excellence calls are now live webinars, sometimes with live demos on webcam, downloads and other goodies!

We are going to do it again! This is a topic we cover often and will be covering a different angle tomorrow, including about:. In registering for this you will also receive the audio download of it. The best way though is to progressively build the vibe. You want what you want to be to be more familiar than what you do NOT want. This is different to manifesting a parking space or a date or cheque for the end of the week, which may not require as much vibe building The good news is there are no limits to where you can exponentially take your energy.

Some people do great energetic work to have the building vibe but then their thoughts even outside of their awareness move towards: