BAD TO THE BONE Vampire thief Raylene Pendle doesn’t need more complications in her life. Her Seattle home is already overrun by a band of. Cherie Priest (born July 30, ) is an American novelist and blogger living in Seattle, Cherie Priest . Hellbent, September 6, , Bantam Spectra. Hellbent sees the return of the sassy super thief Raylene – also known as Cheshire Red – who is back to her usual tricks, hired to retrieve a.

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I hope that the author decides to revisit this story at chfrie future date. Hellbent is an original, energetic and really fun novel that manages to stand out in a crowded genre, the literal rose amongst thorns.

Cherie Priest

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Also, this is not exactly a negative on this book, but I was a little surprised to learn that there wasn’t a third book published, or in the works.

Then there was this crazy sorceress who wanted the baculum for herself and so Raylene had to deal with that also. I want him and Ian and Raylene to mother-and-father their whole hellbbent household, and preferably get together as a threesome since Cherie Priest doesn’t shy away from having a drag queen as a hero and lesbian relationships in the background, this looks more hopeful than I’d thought.

Raylene also has to find a way to keep Ian away from his former House in San Francisco where he was once a major player before he was captured, blinded permanently, and experimented upon by the government and Jeffrey Sykes.

This is another fun read interspersed with intensity, rapid fire insults delivered with the utmost goodwill a Rather than an actual follow-up to book one Bloodshot book two Hellbent takes readers on a new tangent which starts with a jaw dropping, if not side-splitting for some, search for magical bones. When she has to think on her feet, though, she sometimes does things that seem a little questionable — but she acknowledges that she’s not a great in-the-moment thinker.


Sure, I care about the characters, but the way Priest worked the circumstances she threw them into did them little justice. And, despite my qualms with the style of writing, it really is well-written. The book has some good humor, but it becomes a bit repetitive after a while so it got old for me fairly quickly.

Raylene currently has two children living with her year old Pepper and 14 year old Domino. Blood Oath Christopher Farnsworth 9. Other readers may follow the same line of thought and reach the other conclusions I ultimately drew.

Hellbent by Cherie Priest book review

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That was an audiobook? I am a fan of Priest’s writing, and this book isn’t an exception.

Certainly the weakest of her books that I’ve read so far. This time however she is up against a very powerful Witch and must team up with x-Navy SEAL and fabulous drag queen Adrian deJesus; juggling two incredibly prieet assignments without losing control of either. The overall tone is lighter than Bloodshot, the mystery feels less pressing and the danger hfllbent imminent. Other books in the series.

I love Cherie Priest’s stuff, but ain’t a big fan of heklbent. One served as the humor in the story while the other was more serious, though never too serious as Raylene’s sense of humor always comes through. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cherie Priest. Retrieved 19 May This book was a total riot. And yes, I still find that name to be very inappropriate for a kickass vampire thief.

Right after you for no reason helped her escape capture for killing hundreds of cheriee people just to off her ex-boss? Now I understand that Priest has some great stuff going on with her Steampunk books, but with the way that things ended, there is clearly a door left open for book three.


Mar 13, Carolyn F. Sharp and ambitious, Zach Barrows is on his way He’s come to America to inv Lists with This Book. In reading Hellbent, I was able to finally put some of my feelings about the series into words.

Sadly, this book is a disappointment. But, based on the backstory that gets dropped, I’m wondering if the first book was darker.

Hellbent by Cherie Priest

With her trusty ex-SEAL drag-queen friend along for his own reasons, Raylene plunges into the cheie of vampire politics, weird antiques, and freaky magic. Anthony Carter doesn’t think he could ever While this didn’t end on a cliff-hanger, Priest was careful to include several hooks for future volumes, which I will pounce on.

Or possibly “I’m a vampire. When Raylene discovers that a brilliant,schizophrenic ex-NASA scientist is using them for her own mysterious reasons,Raylene begins to identify with her,and the more she learns,the more she wants to help her,in spite of her constant resistance to human attachment. There are a few mentions made to the Bloodshot project, but Raylene doesn’t really do anything to find out more about the conspiracy, although she does run into a character connected to both Priestt and Adrian near the end of the book.

Sadly, I just learned that Cherie Priest only has a two book contract for this series, and it’s unknown whether she’ll be able to return to this series.

For, even as Raylene takes on a job of hunting down some very specific magical relics, Ian receives word that his former House is trying to kill him.