Perfidy has 86 ratings and 12 reviews. Ze’ev said: This is Israel No one can say he truly understands how the State of Israel came to be if they hav. Ben Hecht’s “Perfidy”. With each passing year, the bureaucratically organized murder by the Nazis of six million Jews, because they were Jews, becomes. Perfidy by Ben Hecht. Is made available to you (in full text) by Scroll for . “I pray thee, mark me—that a brother should be so perfidious!”.

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What they forget is the fact that, as a precondition for halting the gassings and releasingJews initially as a good-faith measure pp.

Power and Politics: ‘Perfidy’ revisited

Several plays were written about the trial; one by Motti Lerner was even performed in West Germany in This sort of thing gave them a sense of superiority. I believe the true picture was far more complex, and I’m not sure that we see the same reality that Kastner saw when hedht made his choices.

Because, said Lapid, Kastner promised Becher: I’m glad Hecht chose to tell this story.

My groping brain, no less than my little toe, is a mechanism in His evolution-busy hands They did rescue some of their own families, and some of the Jews they felt were superior people like themselves, wealthy, educated, powerful, etc.

When they perfivy, the Israeli government sank the ship. Here the book does have some currency, and he makes a valid point about the fatal flaw of secular Zionism, which made the land the focus — in fact, the obsession — as well as the desire to imitate the Gentiles.

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The men had already been taken for forced labor. In the Joel Brand Affair, Mapai chieftains collaborated with the British in torpedoing the Hungarian Jews’ very last chance of avoiding the gas chambers. There is so much to learn about the recen past that can help us deal with the present.

Over 30 years out-of-print, Perfidy is back, with murder, conspiracy and deep betrayal My best, Shalom, Marnie. The Beginning of Potential. They certainly weren’t going to bring immigrants, people who were poor, who didn’t know how to properly wear American clothes, who didn’t even speak English, into their suburban home.

Power and Politics: ‘Perfidy’ revisited – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

If you wish to understand genocide, read Perfidy. He’s also painted as using this small opportunity to rescue his friends and family and a few others at the expense of the vast majority of Hungarian Jews who were deliberately entrapped by Kastner’s misrepresentations of Nazi intent.

Hecht, the cynic, seemed tired, old. His Perfidy was suppressed for some time because like you, it tells a truth. You see my parents were first generation Americans, born to immigrant parents. When “Pamphlet 51” was released, Kastner was working as a spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Trade – hence Cohn’s and the governing Mapai’s determination to quash the charges.

Please read this book. In this version, Brand’s trucks-for-Jews mission was – unbeknownst to him – just a cover story. His play To Quito and Back reflected his evolving point of view. Rudolf Kastner’s “rescue” of a trainload of Jews from Nazi-occupied Hungary would norma Ben Hecht, along with Peter Bergson, sounded the calls of alarm in the period leading up to, and during, the implementation of Hitler’s Final Solution for the “Jewish Problem”.


Joel Farkas rated it it was amazing Nov 22, But be prepared for some nasty revelations about people you and I have probably always thought of as honorable and even heroic.

On June 22,Halevi delivered his verdict which took all day to read: Zeevshemer rated it it was amazing Feb 26, It’s time to move on. Weizmann hung on to his status as a citizen of Great Britain until a week after taking office The Miracle of Jewish History. I admire him even more for having the guts to speak the truth and trying so hard to help the victims. Jan 11, Ze’ev Shemer rated it it was amazing.

But they wanted nothing to do with ordinary Jews and were quite happy to, if it helped them advance their political careers, collaborate with the Nazis to send millions of innocent Jews to their deaths. This book, therefore, should be read as a polemic. There was no point, said Lapid.

He won the Oscar for Undercoverheccht Scoundrel Playwright and historian of public conscience, In the Kastner affair, as it is known, a seemingly insignificant refugee from Hungary accuses an important member of David Ben Gurion s Mapai party of collaborating with the Nazis during the murder of Hungarian Jewry. Yes, he lied in Halevi’s court about not having testified in Becher’s favor – because in s Israel it would have been impossible to publicly justify his actions.