Hammer and Klaive. if the fetish was left to the younger werewolf as an inheritance) a young Garou with a fetish is often seen a bomb waiting to go off. they also. Hammer and Klaive [Ethan Skemp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A silver knife twists in mid-blow, striking unerringly at a foe’s heart as. got the book during the holiday sale. reading it it has TONS of cool stuff Fetish claws, warpaint, etc any idea on what kinds of updates the.

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Umbra Claws- Level 4 Gnosis 5 These claws allow the garou to take kinfolk or other shifters into the umbra even if they might not otherwise be able to similar to a key to the umbra. No trivia or quizzes yet. When the spear is thrown the test to resist blindness is a static mental, diff 7. Refresh and try again. Wind Hammer- Level 4 Gnosis 7 Use stats for Large axe The test to detect an invisible hammer is a static mental challenge difficulty 7 for someone who knows what to look for, 9 for klsive just looking for “something odd”.

Liam D added it Nov 16, Will last for 5 attacks if a gnosis is spent for activation. Vision Pool- Gnosis 6 Consult a storyteller for oracular visions. Flood Web- Level 5 Gnosis 8 This web continues to grow until it loses a test. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Trivia About Hammer and Klaive Both players are considered the “owners” and may grant permission for others to enter.

Append content without editing the whole page source. Joseph McCaffrey marked it as to-read Jun 23, Elemental Camouflage- Gnosis 7 Add an extra level of damage and 1 extra health level against spirits. To ask other readers questions about Hammer and Klaiveplease sign up. Does not affect combat movement, does not affect the results of gifts that allow for long distance running like messenger’s fortitude.


Successfully blocking an attack without responding deals a level of aggravated damage to each opponent. Death Sword Talen – Gnosis 8 Standard sword traits, does agg when activated.

No other target may be shot until the fetish is deactivated even if the weapon has spray, splash or full-auto abilities. Lagomorph’s Boon- Level 2 Gnosis 7 Luck type- grants 1 free retest on any challenge, usable once per session. Emotion Gem- Level 3 Gnosis 5 Seeing the active gem grants a 2 trait penalty on tests to resist subterfuge or seduction.

A character may learn how to create a fetish of type he is not, but doing so requires Hwmmer approval and may entail more effort to convince the spirit entering the fetish that he is worthy or able. Bindrune Amulet- Level 5 Gnosis 8 This is a category of fetish using the garou glyph language, each fetish is created like a custom fetish.

Land Amulet- Level 1 Gnosis 6 Grants 2 levels of primal urge for one scene. Favor of Fenris- Level 5 Gnosis 7 While active this fetish grants bonus traits based on the user’s current traits. If the penalty reaches 10 the target is knocked unconscious for the remainder of the scene.

Blaze Pistol- Level 3 Gnosis 7 Activate and make a standard firearms challenge. Probaly just some random nonsense to make it more clear their exotic and enlightened. The target may declare fair escape if able but may not return to the scene.

Hammer and Klaive – Rage Across Portland

Rouge Z marked it as to-read May 23, Wyrm Scars- Level 1 Gnosis 6 This fetish lasts for 1 session. Wielder gains 2 traits when dodging. Search in hammr only. Last edited by The Laughing Stranger ; Peace Pipe- Level 1 Gnosis 5 No change, also no test. This applies to each category.


On a success, the target is grappled.

How to edit pages? Francorum Martinezku marked it as to-read May 11, Dead Stuff Talen – Gnosis 6 Target makes a willpower test diff 6. Hammre edited by Prince of the Night ; Inge Dahl marked it as to-read May 29, The blade prevents the wielder from being disarmed through normal or magical means.

Opposed Gnosis vs rage restores 2 health levels. Stealth is not possible while this is active. Helm of Svyatogor- Level 5 Gnosis 8 When activated people who see the wearer must make a gnosis test against 8 traits enemies or 6 allieson a loss they suffer on the delirium table starting at 10 and dropping 1 point for each point their gnosis is less than the difficulty.

If attacked the target may defend themselves.


Books by Ethan Skemp. Lion Skin- Level klaivf Gnosis 8 Wearing this fetish grants the user 4 levels of armor. Mountainroot rated it really liked it Jan 25, Lionslayer Assegai- Level 3 Gnosis 7 Standard spear stats, does agg.

Barbara ilaive it liked it Jul 29, Hunter’s Necklace- Level 3 Gnosis 6 Provides 1 extra Bruised Health level and 1 extra trait on any test where the user is relying on luck to see them through. Rolled-up EC Horror- Level 3 Gnosis 7 The target makes a static willpower test Diff 7, failure on the test results in a 1 trait penalty to all actions and disorientation that prevents them from telling friend from foe.