PDF | Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) is one of the most popular ornamental flowers worldwide and used both as cut flower and potted. PDF | Gerbera jamesonii (gerbera) is an important cut-flower in the global floricultural industry. Micropropagation is the main system used to. PDF | In present research, the effects of light quality on micropropagation of gerbera were investigated. The MS medium containing 1 mg L-1 BAP and mg .

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BAP strongly enhanced regeneration of shoots in petiole explants of Gerbera jamesonii. Finally the seeds were rinsed 3 times with sterile distilled water. The present study showed that only petiole explant produced optimum results for shoot formation.

The propagation rates via organogenesis can be much higher than axillary shoot proliferation Chun, Through indirect organogenesis, multiple shoots can be produced in vitro from callus.

In the present study, experiments were conducted to investigate organogenesis from various sources of Gerbera explants. The lowest shoot formation was observed when explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 0. Propagation Ornamental Plants, 4: Plantlets were transferred to soil and maintained in culture room for weeks for adaptation process before being gerbeta to field environment. However, higher addition of auxin compared to cytokinin in the culture medium resulted in the inhibition of shoot formation.


Gerbera micropropagation.

Organogenesis and histogenesis of adventitious organ induced on leaf blade segments of Begonia elatior hybrids Begonia x hiemalis in tissue culture. Highest root formation was obtained when leaf explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with 0.

Direct organogenesis from mature leaf and petiole explants of Eryngium foetidum L. Effectiveness of shoot regeneration medium, type of micdopropagation regulator used and duration of induction period were investigated. Factors affecting differentiation in vitro and mass propagation scheme for Begonia x hiemalis. In vitro Culture of Higher Plants. Studies of Gerbera clonal propagation could also be efficiently adapted for other ornamental plants. Takayama and Misawa reported that medium containing 0.

Many commercial ornamental plants are being propagated by in vitro gerbeda on the culture medium containing auxins microptopagation cytokinins Preil, ; Rout and Jain, Rooted plantlets of Gerbera were successfully established and all plantlets were transferred to soil and maintained in the green house. Plantlets survival rate achieved was Micropropagation and strawberry plant quality.

Micropropagation of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus).

The effect of cytokinin type and concentration and the number of subcultures on the multiplication rate of some decorative plants. Different types of auxin and cytokinin gervera were used in order to obtain complete regeneration of Gerbera in vitro. In the present study, propagation of Gerbera jamesonii through tissue culture techniques was done and the factors influencing the growth of this plant were studied.


A potent cytokinin for woody plant tissue culture.

However, regeneration of root was not observed when explants were cultured on MS medium supplemented with BAP mciropropagation 2, 4-D. In vitro plantlet production from young capitulum explants of Gerbera jamesonii. Explants were obtained from 8-week-old aseptic seedlings. Many temperate and tropical plants have been successfully propagated via tissue culture.

Callus with good and compact structure was obtained when explant was cultured on MS medium supplemented with the combination of BAP and 2, 4-D. It is reported that a gerrbera combination of cytokinin and auxin in the culture medium enhanced good shoot formation and plantlet regeneration from explants, for example, adventitious Gerbera shoots were regenerated from flower buds of greenhouse grown plants Pierik et al.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture, Micropropagation of Ornamental Plants. Tissues of explants generally show distinct planes of cell division, various specializations of cells and organization into specialized structures such as the vascular system.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp: Shoot tips are the commonly used explant while adventitious shoot induction from the capitulum is also gedbera popular method.