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The organic matter shown to relatives and society through the media proves that the missing dl been killed in the context of a social conflict and constitutes proof of this with all the symbolic power of the violence it summarizes.

The second involves the political construction of the identities of the missing subjects on which an image is built through the ritual. Chaos in organizations Some scientists believe that the emerging global economy in the 21st century is forcing organizations to operate in a turbulent environment Dolan et al.

Rituals are crucial in this process, since they act as a sequence of symbolic, transformative acts that reveal the main classifications, categories and contradictions of cultural processes. Media images and the discourse of the government’s opponents begin to subvert the stability of an official discourse in which the cruelly exposed bodies had been pigeonholed as war casualties and collateral damage.

Georges Balandier El desorden: la teorĂ­a del caos – De re anthropologica

The images of terror surrounding death in Tijuana make the relationship with the absent body controversial, meaning that the relatives of missing persons accept death as a possibility for their loved ones. The Theory of Chaos was founded in the sixties, with the work of Edward Lorenz.

Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are deleted either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your computer. While not all relatives of missing persons in Tijuana participate in collective action, it is true that the experience of groups present in the public space has profoundly changed the framework of meaning in which disappearance is interpreted and experienced in this social space nowadays.

This separation not only affects the family and personal life of those suffering his or her absence, but destabilizes the feorges order, because of the state of uncertainty implied by the lack of a social category into which missing persons may be placed. Obviously, in the case of disappearance, these possibilities vanish, forcing mourners to rethink traditional practices within the liminal state. Joint symbolic action stabilizes shared symbols and strengthens group identity.


Georges Balandier

We live with the illusion of order, believing that foresight and planning are possible. Yeorges theory The theory of chaos is the popular name of the branch of mathematics, physics and other sciences biology, meteorology, economics, among others that blaandier with certain types of complex systems and dynamic systems very sensitive to variations in initial conditions.

These approaches enable one to understand funerary ceremonies as an element that concerns not only the family but also the entire social group to which the missing person belonged: Cookies come in two flavours – persistent and transient.

Its applications are investigated in the most diverse and complex fields in physics, astronomy, meteorology, biology, physiology, medicine, economics, social sciences and humanities.

Mexican society is witnessing the construction of a new category to understand, name and locate the missing in our current context. The recent case of the missing in Tijuana has its own characteristics.

In the case of the dead, rituals of burial, wakes or cremation enable the community and relatives to socially and symbolically locate the absent person in the world of the dead, and in their new role in the world of the living. In the specific case of disappearance in Tijuana, balandie threat of the death of the missing person achieves a degree of belief that drives actions such as the search for bodies.

Cameras, microphones and journalists accompanied the small procession dfsorden began at the entrance to the farm and ended in front of a mound of earth from which experts had removed human remains.

In the case of the disappearances in Tijuana, this state enables certain shared beliefs to achieve a status of common narratives and drive both the construction of communitas and the recognition of a new category of disappearance. Chaos and entropy Entropy is the degree of disorder chaos that exists in nature itself, and constitutes the second principle of thermodynamicswhich can be defined as the inherent disorder of a system.

The missing person, embodied in terms of ell, acts as a trigger for resistance and mobilizes the emotional, social, and political resources to gain a place in the world to which he belonged.

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In this respect, much of the plight of the families of the disappeared involves demanding an desorxen of their pain and an institutional response in terms of investigation and justice. It is not, however, an isolated episode, but rather a process that may have begun with the capture of el Pozolero a year earlier and his first press statements.

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This social experience is definitely a constant relationship between the established and the spontaneous, processes and their interstices, and continuity and rupture. Army War College to describe the world situation arising after the end of the Cold War. It subsequently proposes an analysis of the collective practices carried out on the lands of el Pozolero as processes that contribute to the construction of a new category by which to lend meaning to the recent disappearances in Tijuana and Mexico.

It has subsequently been feorges in the fields of business strategy applied to all types of organizations. A New Approach to Management. First of all, the search for human remains can be interpreted precisely as an opposing force to the possibility of separation from the group.

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Sontag, Susan,Ante el dolor de los otrosSpain, Santillana. This liminal condition of the missing, which places them in the realm of the impossible, the unspeakable and the diffuse, offers a way to construct a communitas. Society is no longer established in unity and permanence, but the increasing complexity increases the possibilities and order and disorder act together.

Thus, the social action undertaken by the relatives of victims in cities such as Tijuana is also driving institutions to transform their skills and respond more efficiently to the new realities. This is possible because the relatives of the missing shared the same experience: Palacios, Cristina, April 24,”This is not an experience I would wish for anyone. Relatives of the missing buried the crosses in the soil, which began to exude a desordden, reddish material, causing widespread panic heorges the attendees.

But looking for bodies is in itself a thorny path in terms of the identity of both the subject and the community of mourners.