An exclusive example from our swipe file Shoestring Businesses Ad by Gary Bencivenga – one of the many profitable marketing & rare copywriting examples. Anyone know where I can find some Gary B promos?. “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the yearning to feel.

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Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! I was actually in search of just Gary Halbert, but this collection is great. Great list of valuable recourses thank you for sharing this with us Steve.

Gary Bencivenga swipe file?

Outside of the little Internet fantasy realm many seem to inhabit, there are no guarantees in our business…and I make none. And the part that made the most noise was when I said: The Great Sales Letter samples link is by clicking bary name on this comment.

And your laid back style.

This point copywriting outline was behind my first million-dollar sales letters! What Is Breakthrough Marketing Secrets?

Usually ships in business days. And your laid back style.

What Others Are Saying Good copy intoxicates me. Raymond Duke After several years of shipping cargo with his hands, former casual longshoreman turned full-time freelance copywriter Raymond Duke now helps sell products and services with his words. Just as music composers are influenced by other musicians, you can evolve your writing style by sponging up the techniques siwpe wordplay written by some of the greats.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Yours is high proof. And what works today can fall on its face tomorrow. I am getting better at copywriting. I just tend to prefer the latter. Now, you get an benicvenga analysis of a swipe file, with insightful comments along each step of the way by the copywriter who designed and created this powerful ad! The entire book is a mixture of great content and sales pitches.

Not a slight, just fil function of speed and limited space. This book views swie ad culture as an ever-accelerating war of meaning. Because it fole how to access a goldmine of million-dollar sales letters, text ads, banner ads, emails and space ads right from the Internet.

Copywriting is definitely one of the most important skills in internet marketing. You know what the first thing I discovered was when I realized who Gary Bencivenga was and the game I was in?

Videos, podcasts, web 2.

Gary Bencivenga » Swipe File Archive | Marketing & Copywriting Examples

Check it out at: Great linkbait as well for your site. Double Your Sales With Email. Thought that was one really cool find. Showing YOU how to use them and profit! Haha, just found some inrteresting posts! I actually have quite a few links to Brian Clark of copyblogger bencivengaa for that exact reason. Yours is high proof. Do you really focus on only one niche?


Ad Agency Guarantee Ad by Gary Bencivenga » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples

View More out your market headlinebuild credibility highlight the expert’s accomplishmentsbeencivenga trust showcase how others have achieved resultsgenerate excitement future-pace the results for the readerprepare the prospect to make a decision use an “if” statementpull the reader toward saying, “YES!

Named Marketer of the Year by Target Marketing magazine www. Launching a book soon? Video Copywriting and Video Salesletters: This reference bendivenga places the number one secret to advertising success right in your hand.

You get headlines used by some of the most successful direct marketing and sales organizations of all time. There are very, very few copywriters whose copy I vile only read but save so I can study it… and Ben is on that short list. Covey, Robert Allen, and Gary Halbert. Newly launched video series.

Feel free to paste links to high converting sales letters and other examples of great copywriting in the comments. Copywriting is the key when it comes to sales.

Glad you liked it.

Hey Matt, glad you wanted to link your visitors through.